Busy Feelings ..


Somethings there,that isn’t bright,

somethings there without light

wondering where to find some

if its one or maybe none

i look into free spaces everywhere

upon the surface and inside layer

there’s something that i miss now

unknowing where to find and how

busy feelings and slave thoughts

of past or dead doesn’t rot

unable to figure what happens

life and lifelike dampens

struggling to explore that something

for some life is better than dumping


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      • Beautiful. I have seen post that they write about life in poetry style. I think I would like to learn your style. Namaste.

      • Namaste dear..
        thank you and sorry for the late reply actually am at my mom’s place, as my sister in law gave birth to a baby boy( my nephew ) so we had a lot of rituals, ceremonies and function at home, will upload those pics very soon am sure you would love to know about those rituals too.
        and yeah the poetry is free style nothing much except for the rhyme’s ,without it i find it hard to write my poems.
        Hope you are doing great .
        will catch up soon with some new exciting posts.
        tk cre

      • Congratulations, Auntie! A new baby, I can’t wait to see the pictures and the rituals.

        I am still trying your style, I am having no luck just yet.

        Take care and regards to the baby and mother. Sending good wishes.

      • thank you so much for the lovely wishes dear.
        i just came back , will post the pics and about the rituals very soon .
        And don’t try too hard on following style, let the words come naturally your way be it any style just let it flow.

    • yes bhaiya bilkul thik hun abhi deli se lauti bhabhi bhaiya ko beta hua hai toh usi liye gayi thi puja and function tha..bhot accha laga wahan ,,abhi wapas aagyi hun ..jaldi hi baby ke pics dalungi..
      aap kaise hai ?

      • wah ghar jake aagayi mari behena, bahut bahut acha laga, khub khus raho aur fulo phalo yehi bhaiya ki prarthana hai bhagwan se, buhut khus rehna

      • my dear sweet little sister

        I am fine and doing well
        routine life dear

        how are you at last settling??

        be happy always

        choose 5 or 6 awards if you want
        no restrictions for you

      • hehehe mujhe pata hai mere lie koi restriction nahi..
        bhaiya sab thik hai life going good..
        thinking of doing studies further..sab studies chut gaya tha coz of all the turmoils so thinking fir shuru karu job baad me karenge..kya bolte ho aap ?

      • sab thik hai aur tum khush ho to bahut acha laga
        sada khush raho yehi prathana hogi

        thank you so much dear

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