Since long i have known that suffering in past is not the key or license to seek happiness in future or demanding it from god rather its a thing one should help them self , picking the parts and putting everything together with your own hands and doing everything by self is the means to achieve and make it an integral part of life forever that no one can take away.

I am Unique and  down to earth person in life and always ready to learn and cope up with whatever situation is there. I have this opportunity to get introduced to whole new way of thinking that has broadened my mind and has given rise to my passion for success and achieving the impossible as i see it as unacceptable to think it as impossible because nothing is greater than Birth or Death and whatever is in the middle of it can be handled well. For me life is today here and now and the totality of my existence excluding my body i just keep up with my soul and whatever pleases it i do that.

I desire and destine to be An ideal human and of course famous in my own way that would unleash the lengths and breadths of my soul .
I have found my love and happily keeping my soul with his soul.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


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  1. What a beautiful statement of both your being and mission.

    All the best for your start up and your future life with your partner. And welcome to my blog and your journey as an inspirational leader.


  2. aap se mike bahut khushi hui Shilp ji,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

    • Thank you so much Rachna dee. I really appreciate the kind gesture, and nominating me for this prestigious award. Am really glad for this and thank you so much from my heart.
      Luv and regards

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  4. सियाही आँख क़ी लेकर के नामा तुमको लिखता हूँ

    के नामे को तुम देखो और तुम्हे देखे मेरी आँखे

  5. I meant to tell you I like your gravatar. I used to have this picture at home that I kept for a long time. I gave it away to my neighbour who are Hindus because it means much more to them. They have to leave the apartment because the wife is now a mother. Very nice neighbour. So looking at your gravatar reminds me of my neighbour.

    • that’s really nice dear, and am touched by the fact that you had the picture and gave it to them , its really hard thing to do that is to give the things you love most that too shiva and parvathi with lil ganesha, seriously i can never do that, it needs a great heart to do so. And yes you can consider me as your neighbor now, am a hindu and i have your picture on my display. Great Isn’t it.

  6. Your blog is replete with mythological articles. Amazing concept and nice to see some interesting comments too. I fully agree with you on “because nothing is greater than Birth or Death and whatever is in middle can be handled well”.

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