Bouquet of Awards – Liebster Award


A Bouquet of Awards – 10 Nominations

Thank you again Bhaiya ( Ajaytao 2010) for nominating me for this special award .

Liebster Blog Award


Something I’d like to share about me : 

1. I love to play with little kids rather going out with my friends.

2. I have a fetish to buy cosmetics but scarcely use them.

3. I love to teach the poor street kids.

4. I am more than happy to live in a village other than the city.

5. I love the idea of simple and very slow life .

6. I wish to do a lot for the poor and slum kids like open an amusement park with food etc just for them.

7. I love railway stations more than the airports.

8. I can go all day without food but not without a cup of tea.

9. I can pretend to be happy even if am deeply sad.

10. I care a lot about people around me.

11. I always remain hopeful and positive about life come what may. 

My Nominations are:

Soumya Velkar



Sakshi Vashist

Iamforchange’s Blog

Arnab Sinha



Rajeev Singh





Thank you Everyone


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  1. Hi Shilpi! How are you….sorry for delay in replying. Actually I was in India last month due to busy schedule I could not spare time for blog. Now back home but again busy wid household chores… will take time to be more active on blog . These days I am just reading all the stuff I missed past month….I love reading more than writing. I don’t know why but I feel like talking to you….want to know more u as a person. I really like your thoughts….tk cr. Luv u dear.

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