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Is it the township or the people ?

Is it the township or the people ?

After few months of joy we started feeling very lonely. Nobody visits us, nor we are invited anywhere. There are no weddings to attend and even no parties. In clubs and malls there still remains this feeling of being alone even after seeing so many faces eating under the same roof but over different tables. We hardly know anyone, talking is out of context altogether.

There are highs and lows of living in a township, I never thought I would be here after living in suburban colony, it seemed as a new light but this light was dim and dull unlike the local colonies that always had a bright spark about them.

Not to mention the people; here in township are not very warm and not very gentle, though I cannot conclude much about this, since I haven’t talked to any in particular but every person carry an aura around them, and I tend to sense that along with the vibrations when they walk around me. I hardly find anyone approachable enough to start a conversation and the once that may be, my bad luck; I haven’t had their vibrations felt as yet.

It feels very lonely when you’re on your own even when you have a family you still feel out of place, because living in your hometown is much different than living in a township that too miles away. There are hardly any relatives and friends around whereas in your hometown every moment becomes an occasion on their arrival; not to forget the festivals get their own charm when you don’t have to celebrate alone.

Today living in a township is embellished with a taste of monotony and loneliness. One barely finds time for another. If at all there are some connections in between people; then there’s always some unequal distance that cannot be travelled by their inner Ego’s because everyone here, has an identity that’s not reflected by their inner souls but more by the position and status they conduct in society.

The township plays a crucial role in the development of one’s psychological wellbeing where slowly and steadily the process of desensitization takes place. What happens behind the closed doors remains behind the closed doors, we do not want to get involved since we don’t know them, is the rule of the thumb and we go by that.

We tend to get ourselves busy and the feeling that we are not connected embeds deep into us, we connote this as a suitable technique for a hassle free and stress free survival in times like today where helping has become a hassle and being connected means putting up with another in every situation they face. This is the brutal reality that we counter everyday and realising and knowing it won’t make any difference, and many factors have contributed in its growth.

Maybe it’s not the township, it’s the people who have changed or this has been like this since eons and I am living it now.


Life begins to end the day you desire to do something before you die.

Why is it necessary to run after things, to run after name fame or money, when you can live happily without doing anything. The day such feelings develop to leave something behind , so that other’s can remember you, is the beginning of the day you forget to live life and you just become part of the mad race that no one sees has to end up in ashes.



Our Mind (psyche )is very naughty, it plays with us, it wanders , it goes from here to there, from home to office, from office to places Imageand keeps wandering , jumping here, there and everywhere. It is never still, it was never meant to be still,it was always like that, going around and coming around like a swing , it has its high’s and low’s .

It is never stable it is always in motion and so we are left in motion, moving with the flow of the mind, that carries our body with it, wherever it takes we go along, unknowing what it has to offer but we still go because after all its our mind that tells us and that controls us. we cannot do anything nor we can question what it wants or why it wants something, a thing even it sees that passes by like a new phone , a new car, or a new dress, it screams in our mind that YOU MUST HAVE IT , Why Not Own it !

We think we want it, so we begin to desire it, and finally it is our mind that tells us, we require it, but actually we don’t, we never realize its irrelevance until we have it, after a long struggle of pain tension, longing and forgoing almost every small and big happiness, for this particular thing,because we were waiting to be happy only the day we have it, that we always thought could make us really happy.

And so we begin to neglect everything in pursuit of this material that we never wanted since the beginning, but our mind said something, about its need, so we went after it, and all these days, months and years we wasted in getting that thing. And now we are used to the art of getting after things, living only for the big moments, small things no longer or never actually made us happy, even attempts by people around us to make happy shall go in vain, which is why people no longer matter to us. 

None of the relations make us happy, because we see in them our own reflection , as if they are also after something , something much greater than my own thing, as soon as we think this they become our competitors and thus they no longer remain close to us, they are our enemies , they are now part of the great competition. 

Slowly and Slowly life becomes more void, because now the mind craves even more, once you hold the thing you always wanted since years you move onto next , the value of this thing becomes Zero from the time you seize it . just think about this, for a moment, it doesn’t even matter now, how long can you enjoy it after all.

Again your mind sees a thing and starts wandering no longer the thing you got makes you happy , you remain more sad and more anxious and more worrying about your next goals, your next agenda’s or next thing you want to own, that you think would be ultimate source of happiness. 

It hardly happens because since the beginning you were not happy and the moment you saw that thing made you more unhappy and the pursuit , the journey made you even more unhappy inside, and now you are conditioned to remain unhappy for long, now nothing can be done to make you happy , even this thing you just bought after so many years of hard work fails to make you happy. 

You were always anxious, wandering and roaming around here and there , your mind was never still. had it been so it would just have been like the observer who sees the most awesome st of things in life but is hardly affected by them, nothing changes inside him, not even a nerve or a blink of eye . He remains the same goes on doing what he is doing, and is least moved by what he sees around. 

And the one who sees around but never gets involved with it, in his mind is the most happiest soul ever.

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Happy MahaShivratri


I immensely love everything about shiv ji ,festivals of shivji ,all the vrat puja for shivji. Today being the great Mahashivratri festival, i have kept my fast and worship shiv baba.

Maha Shivratri is the festival celebrated every year in the reverence of Lord Shiva. Shivratri means the great night of shiv ji, or the night of shiv baba. It is celebrated every year on the 13th or 14th day of Maagha or Phalguna month of the hindu calender. The festival is obseved by offering bel patra (Bilva/vilvam leaves),  bers, fruits, milk to shiv ji and observing  fast all day and chanting the Panchakshara mantra ie Om Namah Shivaya . the five holy syllables of this mantra are Na- Mah- Shi- Va- ya , that are panchakshra.

Below is the katha for mahashivratri vrat.

हर हर महादेव

महाशिवरात्रि की व्रत-कथा

एक बार पार्वती ने भगवान शिवशंकर से पूछा, ‘ऐसा कौन सा श्रेष्ठ तथा सरल व्रत-पूजन है, जिससे मृत्यु लोक के प्राणी आपकी कृपा सहज ही प्राप्त कर लेते हैं?’

उत्तर में शिवजी ने पार्वती को ‘शिवरात्रि’ के व्रत का विधान बताकर यह कथा सुनाई- ‘एक गाँव में एक शिकारी रहता था। पशुओं की हत्या करके वह अपने कुटुम्ब को पालता था। वह एक साहूकार का ऋणी था, लेकिन उसका ऋण समय पर न चुका सका। क्रोधवश साहूकार ने शिकारी को शिवमठ में बंदी बना लिया। संयोग से उस दिन शिवरात्रि थी।

शिकारी ध्यानमग्न होकर शिव संबंधी धार्मिक बातें सुनता रहा। चतुर्दशी को उसने शिवरात्रि की कथा भी सुनी। संध्या होते ही साहूकार ने उसे अपने पास बुलाया और ऋण चुकाने के विषय में बात की। शिकारी अगले दिन सारा ऋण लौटा देने का वचन देकर बंधन से छूट गया।

अपनी दिनचर्या की भाँति वह जंगल में शिकार के लिए निकला, लेकिन दिनभर बंदीगृह में रहने के कारण भूख-प्यास से व्याकुल था। शिकार करने के लिए वह एक तालाब के किनारे बेल वृक्ष पर पड़ाव बनाने लगा। बेल-वृक्ष के नीचे शिवलिंग था जो बिल्वपत्रों से ढँका हुआ था। शिकारी को उसका पता न चला।

पड़ाव बनाते समय उसने जो टहनियाँ तोड़ीं, वे संयोग से शिवलिंग पर गिरीं। इस प्रकार दिनभर भूखे-प्यासे शिकारी का व्रत भी हो गया और शिवलिंग पर बेलपत्र भी चढ़ गए।

एक पहर रात्रि बीत जाने पर एक गर्भिणी मृगी तालाब पर पानी पीने पहुँची। शिकारी ने धनुष पर तीर चढ़ाकर ज्यों ही प्रत्यंचा खींची, मृगी बोली, ‘मैं गर्भिणी हूँ। शीघ्र ही प्रसव करूँगी। तुम एक साथ दो जीवों की हत्या करोगे, जो ठीक नहीं है। मैं अपने बच्चे को जन्म देकर शीघ्र ही तुम्हारे सामने प्रस्तुत हो जाऊँगी, तब तुम मुझे मार लेना।’ शिकारी ने प्रत्यंचा ढीली कर दी और मृगी झाड़ियों में लुप्त हो गई।

कुछ ही देर बाद एक और मृगी उधर से निकली। शिकारी की प्रसन्नता का ठिकाना न रहा। समीप आने पर उसने धनुष पर बाण चढ़ाया। तब उसे देख मृगी ने विनम्रतापूर्वक निवेदन किया, ‘हे पारधी ! मैं थोड़ी देर पहले ही ऋतु से निवृत्त हुई हूँ। कामातुर विरहिणी हूँ। अपने प्रिय की खोज में भटक रही हूँ। मैं अपने पति से मिलकर शीघ्र ही तुम्हारे पास आ जाऊँगी।’

शिकारी ने उसे भी जाने दिया। दो बार शिकार को खोकर उसका माथा ठनका। वह चिंता में पड़ गया। रात्रि का आखिरी पहर बीत रहा था। तभी एक अन्य मृगी अपने बच्चों के साथ उधर से निकली शिकारी के लिए यह स्वर्णिम अवसर था। उसने धनुष पर तीर चढ़ाने में देर न लगाई, वह तीर छोड़ने ही वाला था कि मृगी बोली, ‘हे पारधी! मैं इन बच्चों को पिता के हवाले करके लौट आऊँगी। इस समय मुझे मत मार।’

शिकारी हँसा और बोला, ‘सामने आए शिकार को छोड़ दूँ, मैं ऐसा मूर्ख नहीं। इससे पहले मैं दो बार अपना शिकार खो चुका हूँ। मेरे बच्चे भूख-प्यास से तड़प रहे होंगे।’

उत्तर में मृगी ने फिर कहा, ‘जैसे तुम्हें अपने बच्चों की ममता सता रही है, ठीक वैसे ही मुझे भी, इसलिए सिर्फ बच्चों के नाम पर मैं थोड़ी देर के लिए जीवनदान माँग रही हूँ। हे पारधी! मेरा विश्वास कर मैं इन्हें इनके पिता के पास छोड़कर तुरंत लौटने की प्रतिज्ञा करती हूँ।’

मृगी का दीन स्वर सुनकर शिकारी को उस पर दया आ गई। उसने उस मृगी को भी जाने दिया। शिकार के आभाव में बेलवृक्ष पर बैठा शिकारी बेलपत्र तोड़-तोड़कर नीचे फेंकता जा रहा था। पौ फटने को हुई तो एक हष्ट-पुष्ट मृग उसी रास्ते पर आया। शिकारी ने सोच लिया कि इसका शिकार वह अवश्व करेगा।

शिकारी की तनी प्रत्यंचा देखकर मृग विनीत स्वर में बोला,’ हे पारधी भाई! यदि तुमने मुझसे पूर्व आने वाली तीन मृगियों तथा छोटे-छोटे बच्चों को मार डाला है तो मुझे भी मारने में विलंब न करो, ताकि उनके वियोग में मुझे एक क्षण भी दुःख न सहना पड़े। मैं उन मृगियों का पति हूँ। यदि तुमने उन्हें जीवनदान दिया है तो मुझे भी कुछ क्षण जीवनदान देने की कृपा करो। मैं उनसे मिलकर तुम्हारे सामने उपस्थित हो जाऊँगा।’

मृग की बात सुनते ही शिकारी के सामने पूरी रात का घटना-चक्र घूम गया। उसने सारी कथा मृग को सुना दी। तब मृग ने कहा, ‘मेरी तीनों पत्नियाँ जिस प्रकार प्रतिज्ञाबद्ध होकर गई हैं, मेरी मृत्यु से अपने धर्म का पालन नहीं कर पाएँगी। अतः जैसे तुमने उन्हें विश्वासपात्र मानकर छोड़ा है, वैसे ही मुझे भी जाने दो। मैं उन सबके साथ तुम्हारे सामने शीघ्र ही उपस्थित होता हूँ।’

उपवास, रात्रि जागरण तथा शिवलिंग पर बेलपत्र चढ़ाने से शिकारी का हिंसक हृदय निर्मल हो गया था। उसमें भगवद् शक्ति का वास हो गया था। धनुष तथा बाण उसके हाथ से सहज ही छूट गए। भगवान शिव की अनुकम्पा से उसका हिंसक हृदय कारुणिक भावों से भर गया। वह अपने अतीत के कर्मों को याद करके पश्चाताप की ज्वाला में जलने लगा।

थोड़ी ही देर बाद मृग सपरिवार शिकारी के समक्ष उपस्थित हो गया, ताकि वह उनका शिकार कर सके, किंतु जंगली पशुओं की ऐसी सत्यता, सात्विकता एवं सामूहिक प्रेमभावना देखकर शिकारी को बड़ी ग्लानि हुई। उसके नेत्रों से आँसुओं की झड़ी लग गई। उस मृग परिवार को न मारकर शिकारी ने अपने कठोर हृदय को जीव हिंसा से हटा सदा के लिए कोमल एवं दयालु बना लिया।

देव लोक से समस्त देव समाज भी इस घटना को देख रहा था। घटना की परिणति होते ही देवी-देवताओं ने पुष्प वर्षा की। तब शिकारी तथा मृग परिवार मोक्ष को प्राप्त हुए।’

Om Namah Shivaya

After all Its Not Necessary !

After all Its Not Necessary !

Natural Health & Healing

Yesterday I asked this question to myself ID-100220506

Is this all really Necessary ? 

To get a job, to get enrolled for some course, to save money to buy house , to achieve something in life, to make more money, to have a baby as soon as possible , to have big dreams like buying a yacht and a penthouse and doing something in life that is remarkable and something that would make people around me say WOW , and then seeing their expression would make me happy, happy as in real happy i guess.

Its clear, Is this all really necessary , i mean we only do certain things to feel happy and proud only when others are there to see them around who would cheer us, greet us , congratulate us, and work for us or just please us. Isn’t this true !

Imagine there is only you on…

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We Cannot Please Everyone !


We Cannot Please Everyone !

Natural Health & Healing

First Understand this :

” yeh duniya tumhare baap ki nahin hai aur naahi tum is duniya ke thekedaar ho ”

( this world is not owned by your dad nor you’re the master of this world)

then why worry so much…?

I have wasted almost 1/3rd of my life in pleasing other’s actually by doing what other’s perceive is acceptable and appreciable. And to this day even after realizing that i cannot make everyone happy and if others have to REMAIN unhappy i really cannot be their clown forever trying to make them smile, for am not even getting PAID for that. then why the hell should i even try.

One must know that you only got this life which is at your hand , yes this life the very moment now that you are ID-10020806breathing , this is your’s its you and everything around is about you

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©️Aditri Rajput Śhìĺpí#NothingI cannot stop by putting a dotfor questions contemplating a blotfor me or anything of minepast, future or in this time.I’m no longer what i used to be,not even the memory you have of me,so i cannot answer the way you rememberof irritation or signs of unsolicitedanger.I have discharged myself from actions,and grown out of those empty questions,that tried and tested my nerves thenbut now with the light of little Zen.I give away the desire to answer,or even the nerve’s to transfer,the feelings that you wish to createinside me of gloom or hate.Please try to watch O’ dear friendI no longer follow the experineced trend,It’s just that i have changed something,From who i was, to i am Nothing.

Deeds, Debts and Destiny


Am actually going beyond phrasing anything in life in terms of good and bad, lucky or unlucky. Because when i categorize situations and compare them to other people or their life it becomes nullified and absurd because i always think that maybe his life or her life is great and good but i would never, ever exchange it with anyone and for anything.

Why ?

Because am not aware what would happen to them in the next moment or in the future so i just refuse to compare my life or destiny with others and i always term it permanently as good and lucky for am never ready for exchange nor will be at any point even if it were to be exchanged with bill gates.  I’d rather love my own life my own destiny than some other person’s.

You see when you love all about yourself and your life and never think how it will be ten years from now or 40 years from now you still love to live it everyday and may not think about choosing some person and change it with your’s , i hope not everyone thinks of doing so , because we are very much sure that we are good and our life will be good or bad we own it and will never change it with anyone, because we are not aware of the other persons life his deeds or how indebted they are for past life or this one and even their destiny .

Hence we would be afraid to step in their shoes and experience their life !  Isn’t it ?

Now think again about the line I have quoted above and reflect on this thought that when you refrain from exchanging life with the best person on earth isn’t it a way of calling your own life the best and your own destiny the best est . Don’t you feel good and energetic and very confident about your own deeds and your destiny and that yes you have a wonderful life ahead and at this present moment too you would never cease to happen and preparing for the next moment. 

Its like that only that we love our life we are confident and we should remain confident and permanent about our own life and this thought should help is in decreasing our fears , complaints , miseries , problems and pain that we go through in everyday life comparing it with other people who we think have none like we do.

It is actually the best way to enhance your thoughts give them a positive boost to know that your life is best and that you are so conscious and aware about tit that you would forever call it great and the fact that you cannot exchange it with anyone make you the proud owner of your karma and the results that are truly yours and whatever happens you accept it completely without any regret or complaints for how life is unfolding for you.

The best way to achieve happiness in simple terms is to accept life and never think of exchanging it with anyone, by doing this you will see that how it ceases comparisons to happen that give rise to other problems.


There’s a Mind Behind The Mind


These days am being regularly advised by my dearest hubby to practice doing nothing , he thinks am a restless soul and that i cannot stop doing things , even if am lying down on bed he says am in continuous movement where i keep talking about daily tasks or things i have to do or remember for the other day or even future .

And i really agree with him, i find myself restless very often when i think i must relax and need time to unwind a bit, and the more i try to relax and do nothing, i introspect that my mind never ceases to think , it thinks , and thinks even during the night like am in a whirlpool of thoughts.

He is right i must practice the art of doing nothing like he does when he sits quietly for some time in a very peaceful and relaxing composure and literally does nothing, i don’t see his eyes blinking when they are close, nor their is any hand or leg movement or anything i see that disturbs him from him. But this doesn’t happens with me and am aware of my eyes that in are in movement when they are closed to relax which i think should not happen when you are doing nothing.

The movement reflects thoughts and the continuous nature of doing , doing as in thinking, remembering like all the cognitive activities of the mind and like my hubby says “there’s a mind behind the mind” that will make you do everything and even let you do nothing , we must learn to know about the mind that works behind this mind that we are conscious about.


I believe its really hard to do nothing because the mind has its own powerful mechanism that would never stop doing, because we have these senses that are in continuous work mode and we keep tracking sound, smell, taste, touch and vision, so i always protest about this doing nothing activity and i think i really cannot help them close and so i have to intake all the information that comes to me and analyse them as this is my basic instinct of doing .

I think there’s an answer to this problem where senses cannot be closed nor shut down but they can be controlled which is why there is a mind behind the mind as my hubby says.

It has a very deep meaning and am still trying to know every bit of it from him, but unfortunately am not a very good listener as when he explains and talks spiritual, i could barely give him 5 minutes and keep saying I know this , I already know this. Its not a good thing and i acknowledge my weakness of not listening to him when he talks of spirituality and life and even guilty of not reading many of his spiritual accounts in his diary or blog.

The mind behind the mind is often dormant i believe because we are aware and conscious of only one mind that stores , restores remembers and does all the cognitive and psychological activities, but it lacks the potential to be controlled or to be used wisely, hence we become slave to our own conscious mind that never stops doing , it only takes and takes more within and we cannot do anything but to keep doing.

Well i don’t have any recipe as of yet for practicing this simple yet supreme art , but If at all You and I become aware of the mind behind the mind we could practice the art of doing nothing. but am afraid it will take some while for me to learn this art from my hubby because he does it with utmost ease and am still years away from learning the practice of doing nothing , where i have to first manage the art of being a good listener .




Since we have tried all the worldly pleasure’s since birth, it becomes difficult to live without them, if at all we had been brought up without those experiences, we would never knew any less or anything like suffering.

Since we have t…