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You will receive a detailed assessment of your horoscope pertaining to the questions asked.

✅PLEASE SEE : This is not a computer generated report BUT a highly evaluated, well researched and detailed analysis of every house in the horoscope which gives you a very clear picture of your life’s situation, & where I put in hardwork & effort in every word I type.

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Mandatory 1 week required for thorough Assessment.

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Accurate Astrology


#FOURTPP ACTION & DIRECTIONS are purely based on moments of the present based predictions.

Many people have asked about the ‘TIME’ or the Precise moment as to WHEN it will happen/ or the much sought after change in their life.

For this one needs to study and do a thorough research and study of their HOROSCOPE.

For Horoscope based predictions:

GET WRITTEN AND DETAILED ANALYSIS of your horoscope based on your question.

DM for Details: Mandatory 1 week required for thorough research and providing a detailed assessment after receipt of question, birth details and payment.

Psychic Predictions




Hello Folks!😊

From today onwards, I will be providing very simple & very easy to do ‘ACTIONS’ for what all concerns our human life, that you may incorporate to get your desires fulfilled.

Below is the ‘ACTION’ provided to become Financially stable.💵💰


Keep a small size jar, glass or mug filled with coins upto the brim. Keep it in such a place that it’s visible to you daily.

⭐Please Note:⭐ Fill the jar, mug or glass to the brim, not half or semi half or 80 or 90%. It should be overflowing, filled completely.

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The Soliloquy


It is not that we do not know life. All of us do know, but we have forgotten. We need to be reminded and just the remembrance is enough. There is nothing to do but remember. We are so occupied with our sorrows and pains, personal and professional lives, our goals, our desires, that what exactly life is all about has been clouded. We need someone who can remind us and this book will do exactly that. This book touches topics like Purpose, happiness, fear, failure, relationship, death and more. Every dialogue of the author will sync so perfectly that it will be an “Eureka” moment for the reader. The book is a soliloquy – the Author’s dialogues with himself.


The Soliloquy: Revelations From Your Consciousness https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07SCSZCZ6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_VWNNFbEFPDJ2X




Running parallel or running along

Running away or running strong

What life is this?

Which world is it?


Makes your run, their fun ping pong!

Cannot leave or cannot shun

Cannot cry or chance rerun

What life is this?

Which world is it?


Makes you cry inside & want to burn!

Falling away or you fall apart

Falling upon all vacant hearts

What life is this?

Which world is it?


Makes you fall & shrèd to parts!

Believe this or believe in that

Believe living in a mortal combat

What life is this?

Which world is it?


Makes you believe ‘life is beautiful’,crap!

By Shilpi Chauhan Sinha Aditri




It’s all black & dark

With little hues of blue & gray

Everything floats in circles or squares

My mind is just drifting away

It projects my life like a mirror

With conscious prints of past & future

Some seen & imagined lone trips

That fill my heart with horror

I tremble at the sight of the unseen

& dread but wish to open my eyes

Still my mind plays & tells me not to

For I see it all with my open eyes

The driver steers to right then to left

It’s not me who drives it completely

For a long time I see myself at rest

And this he does pretty neatly

It’s all dark and gloomy

The ally’s, the bylanes, the streets

The mind is my driver who is quiet

Until that time when I screech

By Shilpi C.Sinha Aditri