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My Journey to Buddhahood Chapter 1 The Burning Monk

My Journey to Buddhahood  Chapter 1 The Burning Monk



P.S The thoughts and excerpt below are my own and should not be subject to any judgment.

Questions are welcome but I believe I am no Guru; & still trying to carve my own path and methods that are subject to trial and error twas my road to Buddhahood.

© My journey to Buddhahood by Aditri Shilpi C. Sinha

©Chapter 1 : The Burning Monk

Thoughts play a very important role in our life. They range from most subtle to most extreme capable enough to make you laugh like a mad person and bloody enough to make you cry and full of anger at an instance. They have no boundations, they play automatically without any rules or inhibitions, they come and go in the most dangerous forms.

Then is there a way to overcome or even control them?

Perhaps not!

Unless you’re watchful enough like the Buddha or Osho who remain calm and composed even in the worst of situations as if nothing around them really matters even if they were standing in the middle of an inferno I believe they would hardly move.

What happens inside their mind is a mystery. And this reminds me of the vietnamese Mahayana buddhist Thich Quang Duc also known as the Burning Monk who came in his blue car and self immolated himself in the middle of an intersection in Saigon in protest to the South Vietnamese Diem regime’s pro-catholic policies and discriminatory Buddhist laws. He sat down calmly and as he burned he never moved a muscle, or uttered a sound, his outward composure is a sharp contrast to the wailing people around him that are seen in pictures and videos available on Youtube.

Duc’s heart remained intact and did not burn. It was considered to be holy and placed in a glass chalice at Xa Loi Pagoda. The intact heart relic is regarded as a symbol of compassion.

This remains part of my memory when I happened to chase this news a few years ago and to this day I am unable to forget the burning monk who has always intrigued me to dwell deeper into that powerful state of calmness that none of us can achieve or even may but never like that of Duc’s.

I believe our thoughts deliver our reality which is marked with a sense of illusion that is our own perception of the situation. How many times we have mistaken a good thing for bad, a good person as ugly and a terrible situation otherwise great. Many times!

All because we chose to live away from the moment, this moment that is real and intended to free us from our thoughts, because they aren’t even necessary when you become watchful of the situation around you and it becomes only a means of filtering the information you get through all your senses that is otherwise closed and unused while we just believe what we see with a cover that blinds our vision and we chose not to see completely but partially since we are again in so much hurry that we forgot to take in everything that surrounds.

The thoughts are thus partial and so is our perception of reality that becomes an illusion in wake of the partial unprocessed information we gather from our virgin senses. It will never be complete because with open eyes we tend to be half and sometimes less than a half while in the meditation our eyes need to be closed and we may need the help of our other senses to cope with the situation where it was only dependent on one before we had to forcefully shut it down.

So when we close our eyes in meditation to chose the meditative state we chose to close the senses and rely on the other ones and it only moves further in an attempt to close all the other senses that work. Only our mind works which keeps on bringing thoughts that will never cease because our senses are still open and functioning without our control. It is the first and foremost state to achieve if one is choosing meditation as their path to buddhahood I haven’t tried meditation so far because I chose how to work with my senses and thereby I can seize thoughts only for sometime without distracting it with the other thoughts but in reality I analyze things and situations and best is to exercise the method of freezing the thought by neither giving it up nor challenging it further.

Chapter 2 How to Freeze

Will continue my journey!



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I don’t need much..


I don’t need much..

A laptop or a pen

with paper and the ben

some flowers in my view

with leaves covered in dew

A mountain immersed in clouds

With water running through spouts

where it rains and the snow amass

Living but no human trespass

Just my thoughts and a hand

Of my darling gentleman

To write and love the other

In the grove of idyll nature

By shilpi

The Serendipity Part 4


#TheSerendipity [(C)2018]

Part 4

“I just had a transplant” said Rati breaking her inner silence. Malavika repositioned herself after listening to what Rati just declared. “Transplant for what”? Asked Malavika in a concerned voice “Kidney, hahaha, Malavika I am fine, I just got a new one” said Rati as she laughed, shrugging her shoulders. “I am at a loss of words rati, no seriously I am, but happy for you’re fine now” Malavika said. “But how come, nobody is there to assist you, you’re travelling alone, my god” she continued. “If I take Ashok with me every time for dialysis and treatments then who will earn, we have spent over 30 lacs on this(pointing her hand to her abdomen),and I can’t let my daughter’s studies suffer because of me” replied Rati regretfully. “But still! Rati there should be someone with you, I know my distant cousin, who I heard is going through the same treatment” said Malavika. “There’s not much problem, I have made couple of friends in chennai who are there for me, and Ashok has assigned few of his office colleagues there, who are present at once upon being called. So so far, there’s not much problem” proudly said Rati. “Rati you’re a strong woman, you’re great!” exclaimed Malavika. “Receiving something has nothing to do with greatness but giving is” Rati quoted. “Yes that is true Rati!” said Malavika, with a surprised expression on her face after hearing such a noble thought from Rati, it was unexpected of her actually, after what all she observed about her. The staff started distributing packed lunches to everyone and asked about passengers preference for veg and non veg food. “Veg” said Rati strictly. “Same, give me two lunches, veg only!” asked Malavika while she called Subodh to wake up, who was in deep slumber since beginning of this journey. “Bhaiya one Non veg above” said Ali while he got up to receive his tray. “Huhh, I can’t bear the smell of it” Rati roared, placing her saree’s pallu covering her nose and mouth. “Aye, you listen, make sure nothing falls on my head” Rati warned Ali with her eyes wide open enough to scare anyone. “Rati sit down and have your lunch, they already serve it cold” Malavika said holding rati’s hand to make her sit down. She had to time and again intervene to pacify Rati’s anger for Ali. Ali quietly ate his meal and kept the tray with himself on his berth, while others slided down their trays under their seats and lounged. “So Rati how is it now, I heard a new kidney sustains a long time! And yes, if you keep a nice diet and exercise” asked Malavika. “Yes! the doctors recommend a particular diet and all, but more than the doctors i believe in god’s power, he got me a donor in just nick of time, my health was seriously deteriorating, and at one point, I just lost all hope” Rati said in a deep voice, as if choked by tears that did not find way out. “Oh yes, definitely thank god and your donor! was it some relative?, who gave you?” asked Malavika. “No, no relative, actually there are few tests to match blood, tissue and other things with the donor, before a transplant, i had to wait for a long time to get my match” replied Rati. “Oh, it’s weird because we never get to know or meet the one who saved us just like god we can’t see him” sighed Malavika. “True i never got to meet my donor but want to thank whenever I meet” sighed Rati as she fall back on her berth after staring long at the window. Phone ringing. “Hello, yes Ashok, yes lunch, dinner all done, I am fine, no no pain yes, yes had my medicines too, ok what is Riya doing, where is she”? Rati spoke over the phone with Ashok. “She’s in her room studying, should i call her” asked Ashok. “No no let her study, why to break her tempo, anyway I will reach tomorrow, bye bye” said Rati. “Ok, madam, take care bbye” said Ashok. Rati made her bed, hid her purse under the pillow and went off to sleep. “Thud” something fell on the floor of cabin, Rati woke up, dazed and confused.

Written By Shilpi Aditri

Spree ..A Poem


There in a trance i see some magic,

With finger’s on keys departing with tragic

Patiently waiting for someone to listen

I swell with pride on finding a simpleton

O i thought how can, any, be subject to mass hearing

Where the gloom is budding and heart absconding

But there the shadow of wisdom delays

For the communion of words that dismays

Not to one or be judge to my miseries

But to rise this phoenix form ashes

And there you were too far too reach

But still near my soul wherein I could seek

The words that flowed in and out

Of happiness and less flout

You for you were there in my catastrophe

And shall witness me through hope

For you are the reason enough with good

For the way I being, to be I should

To GARNER all that you say to me

To embellish my life with your spree

By Aditri Shilpi

ManyMee Iam with You


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The Serendipity part 3


#ShortStories #TheSerendipity [(C)2017] Part 3/6 “What is your name son” ? asked malavika. “Ali” said the boy in a muzzled voice. “Don’t feel bad son, for what we say, we say it as one of your own, as your elders. And it is meant for your good only and nothing else” said malavika consoling ali, whose face was filled with sadness. “Do you study, in chennai”? Continued malavika, trying to lift up the dull moment. “No i live in pune, excuse me aunty i am feeling tired so..” ali replied to end the conversation and straightened himself and turned the other way to sleep. “See, that’s what i don’t like about these kids, he is no different, what attitude ufff!” exclaimed rati. “It’s ok rati let him sleep, poor child must be very tired” said malavika. “Ticket, madam?” asked the ticket checker “Ya, ya, just a moment, here it is” said rati while handing over her ticket to the TC. “Ok! Said the TC giving back her ticket. “Ticket please” said TC while trying to wake up Ali, who had covered the sheet up to his head. “O what! ya uncle here” said ali as he sat reclining on his backpack, and showed his ticket. “Very good son, you gave the lower berth seat to your maa” said the TC with pride and appreciation for ali. “I am not his maa” rati corrected TC’s statement. “Oh I see! But he’s no less than a son madam! looking at what he did for you. In my career of 18 years i have seen young boys and girls fighting with the elderly and in some cases their very own parents, as if mad like maniacs. They don’t compromise even, for an inch. Believe me you’re lucky!” said the TC loudly as he walked past their cabin into others checking tickets. Rati felt something move inside, she was looking at malavika who was witnessing everything that happened. She knew that malavika was there, when ali without a question went on the upper berth, he knew the lower berth, was his but still he did not raise a word for it. Rati was seriously feeling uncomfortable, for everything that happened, she did not wanted to be burdened by ali’s act of kindness for her. Rati started “So what they are young they must do such things, otherwise who else will, does he expect me to climb up in this age, silly boy!” “Rati …” said malavika who expected rati to change her tone for ali, but felt hopeless and gazed at rati’s window. “What are those medicines for, sugar, bp”? asked malavika seeing rati open a big box of medicines. “Yes, for this,that, i am tired of all these now!” rati replied heaving a big sigh. “Why? It is very common for our age, but what are those for”? Malavika said as she pointed to rati’s medicine’s that had few bigger tablets. “Oh these, doctor gave it for something, umm i don’t remember exactly”. Said rati as she brushed aside the box behind her back. “Hmm” sighed malavika as she turned away from rati and looked straight out of the window for a long time. There was silence of the hearts that didn’t break with the sound of wheels. Rati was waiting for malavika to speak but not from where they left the conversation. She felt uneasy and fidgeted with things around her and when suddenly she chose to break the silence. To be Continued… Written By Aditri C. Sinha

The Serendipity part 2


#ShortStories #TheSerendipity [(C)2017] Part 2/6

Rati could finally close her eyes. “Acha chalta hoon Duaaon mein yaad rakhna Mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna Dil ke sandookon mein Mere ache kaam rakhna Chitthi taaron mein bhi Mera tu salaam rakhna Andhera tera maine le liya Mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya Channa mereya mereya Channa mereya……” Someone’s phone rang in full sound and high pitch with this song as its ringtone. “O god, not a moment of peace” shouted rati as she moved her body from side to side unable to find peace. “Sorry Aunty” said the boy peeking out from the upper berth. “Why do you have to keep everything loud, don’t you have sense or any regard for other people, stupid boy! all you know and do is to burn your parents money on these smartphones” rati lost her patience and snapped at him in full force. “I am sorry aunty, i will put it on silent mode now” said the boy slipping back. “You better do that right now, all you people know is how to have fun, and make life hell for your parents” rati said, as her fatigued body and sleep deprived soul got lost in vexation. “Going to mumbai” asked the lady sitting on the lower berth of the adjacent cabin that faced rati. “No, I will get down in pune” replied rati. “O pune is good, less crowded and less polluted unlike mumbai” said the woman. “So you’re from mumbai, that’s a lovely city, your good name please? rati asked. “Malavika, and he is my husband Subodh and you’re”? Said malvika pointing towards her husband and coming back to rati. “Namastay, I am Rati, here have some” rati greeted malavika’s husband on being introduced, and offered a pack of biscuits she had just opened. “Thank you rati, so your relatives live in chennai” malavika asked while munching on the biscuits offered by rati. “No no relatives, i had some personal work there” rati replied in a hesitating tone. “O ok, subodh pass me that bag please, i am feeling hungry after having biscuits hahaha” said malavika while keeping a huge bag on her side that subodh gave her, she carefully digs her hand into it and took out a big casserole. Subodh went back to his berth and laid down spreading his body on every inch of it. “Here have some kachori’s my daughter in law cooked them for us, she got up at 4 in the morning to prepare all this” malavika said showing the whole bag that contained food items. She continues… “We don’t eat outside food, health issues you see, here have some” malavika offered food to everyone seated around her. “Here son, you also have” malavika raised the casserole up, asked the boy who sat leaning above rati’s berth. “Wow! thank you so much aunty i was actually feeling hungry” the boy took 3 kachoris out of the casserole and hid them in his hands. “Seriously kids these days have no etiquettes, in our time we used to say No’ 2 – 3 times before taking something from someone but nowadays they are so frank” said rati condemning the boy’s behaviour. “It’s ok rati, we have to change with time and there’s nothing bad in being frank, i believe it helps you to live a stress free life” said malavika as she put her hand on rati’s shoulder. “What is your name son” ? asked malavika.

To be Continued ….. Written by Aditri C. Sinha