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              What is that makes you
              different from me ?      

              Its just that am indifferent
              towards any differences.



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Living Silently


Living Silently

Ask no questions about life
it goes on is just the answer
No stones are unturned here
just walk silently unnoticed

there’s plenty of suffering around
Walk last! Don’t walk past
Unable and able to attend
where to start with ‘full’ heart

Leave it, no need to pretend
Just live as much u can
This moment is a blessing
everything happens on its own

All Troubles are outside
What is inside is your own
stop seeing and just being
Life is what is unknown

Shilpi Chauhan


World outside is Beautiful, but not much than the world that’s inside !

Look within there is more light and awesomeness inside us than in the world outside. we forget to look within.