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The Whispering Clock


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Title: Clock’s Whisper

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock,

The sound spreads from the clock. Does it say something,

Or has it told you already,

Did you hear it hiss in the ear;

am sure it doesn’t address me dear.

O how foggy it is today!

Or the clouds have flown down.

I remove my glasses & wipe them clean,

Ah! What a view I beamed.

No it hasn’t cleared much,

I take them off again.

I rub my eyes and pull my ears

Who’s there? I roar in fear,

Hearing that sound again!

I inch back away and near.

Tick-tock, tick-tock,

A sound that grows in me;

Who is it? Reveal yourself!

At once or I push you in hell!

Tick-tock , Tick-tock.

Thump, thump, thump,

I am here; It’s me, Do you see? Thump, thump, glug.

It’s me, tis me, why don’t you see?

I am your friend O thee!

You! O you! you’re my enemy!

No! O no! Please! stop cursing me.

I am a friend & will always be.

But I can’t stop ticking you see!

Is that why you fear me?

Yes! Yes! you said it yourself!

For the way we hate you much!

O! should I stop, ticking that tock?,

Whispered the clock to me!

Written by Aditri Shilpi C. Sinha


ManyMee Iam with You


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Krishna poem


पुछे सखियाँ मेंरी
वह कौन तेरा है
मैं सकूचाउ बोलु
यह श्याम मेरा है

पुछे सखियाँ मेंरी
यह बंसी किसकी है
मैं नयन बंदकर बोलु
धुन इसकी कणॅ में बस्ती है

पुछे सखियाँ मेंरी
यह राधा किसकी है
मैं ईर्षालु होकर कहूं
यह प्रियसी उसकी है

पुछे सखियाँ मेंरी
यह मोर पंख किसका है
मैं लाजभरे मुख से बोलु
रुप यह चित मोह लेता है

पुछे सखियाँ मेंरी
यह श्याम श्याम क्यूँ है
अहंकार से बोलु मैं
वो सब दुख जो हर लेता है



              What is that makes you
              different from me ?      

              Its just that am indifferent
              towards any differences.




Abhi dum nikla nahi
Thoda aur chalne do
Hawao ka rukh badla nahi
Tufaan ko aane do

Maine haar maani nahi
kashti mein hun sawar
Abhi saas baaki hain
Doob jaane do patwar

Door kinara ho sahi
Main chalang laga du
Tairna sikha nhi magar
Samandar ko dubaa dun

Kinare pahuchna mumkin
hai Magar itna zaruri nahi
Zindagi samundar mein hai
Kinhi kinaro mein nhi…

Written by
Shilpi Chauhan Sinha


“Why people seem to be unapproachable, is it because i think that they will ignore me or even say no in my face or is it my Ego that doesn’t let me reach”

By shilpi

The Unapproachable