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Since we have tried all the worldly pleasure’s since birth, it becomes difficult to live without them, if at all we had been brought up without those experiences, we would never knew any less or anything like suffering.

Since we have t…

Tagged In – Blog Nomination


I have been Tagged by Ajay ji (Ajaytao2010)  thank you so much for tagging me.

Ajay ji, a very down to earth person, living his life zestfully that is reflected in his blogs. I’ve never been able to see any speck or shade of his illness (cancer) in his writings or pictures that he posts in his blogs. He writes very nice poetry and i came to know it recently through a Hindi poem that he posted . Ajay ji is a real fighter at heart and i admire his genuineness, he never mixes mind with his words and whatever comes in his conversation pours out straight from his heart. Such people are rare to find. i can go on talking a lot more about him but the game needs to be attended so… 

Rules of the game :-

1. Post these rules.

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

11 Random facts about me :-

1. I love to play with little kids rather going out with my friends.

2. I have a fetish to buy cosmetics but scarcely use them.

3. I love to teach the poor street kids.

4. I am more than happy to live in a village other than the city.

5. I love the idea of simple and very slow life .

6. I wish to do a lot for the poor and slum kids like open an amusement park with food etc just for them.

7. I love railway stations more than the airports.

8. I can go all day without food but not without a cup of tea.

9. I can pretend to be happy even if am deeply sad.

10. I care a lot about people around me.

11. I always remain hopeful and positive about life come what may. 

Answer of the questions given to me in the tagger post :- 

1. The most unforgettable moment of your life?  

   Met him on a forum, committed to love over the phone, saw each other after a year of relationship.

2. One fictitious character you completely relate to?

      Balika Vadhu’s Anandi, her life’s journey is so much similar to mine.

3. The best compliment you ever received?

       Am an authentic person

4.Do you have a regret for a lifetime?

     Nothing to regret its karma

5. The one thing you love about yourself ?  


6.If you had to live someone else’s life for a single day who would that be?

    Gautama Buddha

7.Who is your favorite writer?

    Bloggers inspire me more than the writers

8. Your most favorite place in this whole world?  


9. Define love in a single word. 


10. Do you believe in miracles and magic?  

       No, I believe in Karma

11. The most unforgettable experience of a lifetime?  

       My school girls cried when i was transferred, their unconditional love was heart warming experience

11 New Questions for my Nominees 

Q.1  What is your life’s most amazing experience ?

Q.2  What do you like the most about yourself ?

Q.3  Are you an optimist  ?

Q.4  If you could meet one person, dead or alive who would it be ?

Q.5  What is your deepest fear in life ?

Q.6  What is your dream topic for a blog post ?

Q.7  Who influences you the most in life ?

Q.8  Do you regret anything in past or present ?

Q.9  Which is Your Dream destination ?

Q.10  Do you like to help around people ?

Q.11  Two words that describe you

My Nominees are:






Through the Peacock’s Eyes



Lakshmi Loves To Shop 

Hira Nazir




Thank you  & Regards 

Go Beyond Emotional Embellishments


Its said that life is a lifeless line if its devoid of movement that culminates from deep within the pits and cracks of pain and suffering only to rise and gain momentum infused with happiness and content.

Life is completely void if we don’t have these moments that bring out the real self in us and the real stuff from others, it is because we are social animals and everything is correlated what may affect the other may effect us too and what may affect us may effect the others as well.

This means we are living in a chaos and life is not void and we certainly don’t live in a  vacuum. Everything is placed at a specific place in a specific order as per our age, role, responsibility and experience. we cannot break this system that is monotonously being followed since ages.

And since ages we continue to feel helpless not being able to break the pattern, we still feel emptiness somewhere inside , deep within our hearts, we follow the daily rituals, do our work , take care of our responsibilities and still keep doing it no matter what runs around in our mind.

Our inner thoughts are sometimes plagued with such mysterious thoughts that make us feel   nothing almost nothing even if we are surrounded with people or other daily thoughts. And still we keep doing insisting ourselves to adhere the routine and feel that there’s nothing greater than following the norm .

Am never in the mood to break the norm or system rather feel the urge to observe sometimes these series of thoughts that insist upon taking a break maybe because we are consumed, exhausted and deprived of some needs that we cannot imagine.

It could be the need to break the routine, the desire to sit on the sea shore listening to the waves, lying under a tree seeing the nature and listening its melody, or just lazing around with few people who wish to do the same, or just throwing pebbles in the pond.

Remember here how newton discovered the law of gravity only after seeing the apples fall from the trees in the lap of the nature  and thus everything came and theories went on, so things do happen, even if we don’t run after them forcing them to happen inside the lab of life.

Again the desire could be anything, it is endless, and therefore we need the line a straight line sometimes, which is devoid of moments or emotions, happiness or pain, as these are not the only thing that define our life or do they ?

There can be a stretch in time where we can snatch some moments that are without these emotional embellishments .

After all, we are racing and pacing up and down the graph of life just to make it happen, to make it existential, we forget that making it run up and down is not the only thing,

“for life can move in a line too and much effectively than in any other case, moreover it has the potential to reach the destination much sooner than any other soul following the graph making emotional movements “.

Life is easy and simple to live if there’s inner peace, as i call it void, the space or the emptiness of the mind that is free of any emotional tags to the events that happen, everyday, where the joys and sorrows don’t originate from anywhere, and we live absolutely simple and straight in a vacuum.