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“Why people seem to be unapproachable, is it because i think that they will ignore me or even say no in my face or is it my Ego that doesn’t let me reach”

By shilpi

The Unapproachable


World outside is Beautiful, but not much than the world that’s inside !

Look within there is more light and awesomeness inside us than in the world outside. we forget to look within.


Life begins to end the day you desire to do something before you die.

Why is it necessary to run after things, to run after name fame or money, when you can live happily without doing anything. The day such feelings develop to leave something behind , so that other’s can remember you, is the beginning of the day you forget to live life and you just become part of the mad race that no one sees has to end up in ashes.


रिश्ते निभाने के लिए लफ़्ज़ों कि ज़रूरत गैरों को पड़ती है, अपनों को नहीं । By Shilpi Chauhan

Strangers need Words to fulfil relationships but Loved Ones don’t ! By Shilpi Chauhan