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The Soliloquy 

The Soliloquy 

This book was written long back in 2011-12 and this book is very different from what one might expect. When one rrads this book, it would seem that it is coming from his or her own Consciousness.

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It is not that we do not know life. All of us do know, but we have forgotten. We need to be reminded and just the remembrance is enough. There is nothing to do but remember. We are so occupied with our sorrows and pains, personal and professional lives, our goals, our desires, that what exactly life is all about has been clouded. We need someone who can remind us and this book will do exactly that. This book touches topics like Purpose, happiness, fear, failure, relationship, death and more. Every dialogue of the author will sync so perfectly that it will be an “Eureka” moment for the reader. The book is a soliloquy – the Author’s dialogues with himself.
Arnab Sinha

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Questions ?


I cannot stop by putting a dot

for questions contemplating a blot

for me or anything of mine

past , future or in this time


am no more what i used to be

not even the memory you have of me

so i cannot answer the way you remember

of irritation or signs of acute anger


i have discharged myself from actions

and grown out of those empty questions

that tried and tested my nerves then,

but now with the light of the little Zen


i give away the desire to answer

or even the nerve’s to transfer

the feelings that you wish to create

inside me of gloom or hate.


plase try to ‘watch’ my dear friend

am not following the experineced trend 

its just that i have changed something

about who i was, to i am Nothing.