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Reach Home Safe


It is the concern of every mother, father and   brother that their daughter or sister reaches home safely every day from school, college or work. But the Concern remains merely a mental concern, as we are all helpless when we are faced with adverse situations where the concern takes a jump out of our conscience and turns to frustration and anger for being utterly helpless.

Its a truth in light of so many events that have happened so far where crimes of sexual abuse against children and women are on the rise and the bureaucracy , judiciary and the government is unable to do anything to save these vulnerable section of our society form the ghastly crimes perpetrated upon them.

Its a myth to believe in the police or judiciary both are least sensitive and least bothered about these issues and wait for the time these issues will subside so that they can carry on again with access of ease to other concerns of their private benefits rather than the people. The government waits upon the victims to either die or the issue to die out so that they can continue enjoying in the parliament.


In view of the above its nonsense to go on blaming and protesting against all these elements of the Constitution rather its need that the people alone should do something to save the women in the society so that they can feel safe and reach safe everyday. Its time we need some serious NGOs or Social Entrepreneurs in this regard who can come up with techniques and tools that can guarantee women s safety and even helps them to defend themselves.

If we are able to sensitize children in school, colleges and work places who can stand up for the women safety, they can help in guarding women if they come across or witness any crimes against them , even a change in the few may lead to remarkable sensitization that will flourish and people will be inspired even more to help the women. And in the meantime we can just protest for getting tough laws to protect women and help those victims to lead better life not as victims but as warriors.