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Coriander Leave & Seed Remedies


Natural Health & Healing

Uses of Coriander Leaves and seeds to cure many diseases. 


1. Eye Infections (redness & itching) – Make juice from fresh leaves of coriander and mix it with raw milk . Put 1-1 drop in each eye to get rid of itching,burning and redness of eyes.

2. Body itch & rash – Apply paste made from fresh coriander leaves on the affected rash area for immediate relief.

3. Hemorrhoids  Boil Coriander seeds in water and sieve it add crystallized sugar (misri) in this and drink it for 2 months to get relief in hemorrhoids. 

4.Urine Infection & Slow Urine in old age –  Make paste of coriander seeds and boil it for long , sieve it and drink this solution after cooling to help cure urine infections and make urine pass easily.

5. Nose Bleeding – Smell fresh coriander leaves till 5 minutes to stop nose bleeding.

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As Beautiful As A Rose


Natural Health & Healing

Just follow these simple tips and get that glow and red hotness like that of a rose

Image courtesy of marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net  For Pimples – Mix Neem ( indica) leaves with Turmeric powder and make a paste with water .  Apply on pimples , leave it for 30 minutes and wash off.

  Get the Blush – Immerse some rose petals in rose water then rub it all over your face and lips  with light pressure to get that red rosy glow.

  For Fair Skin – Dry Orange peels in sun and make powder of it then apply this pack for 5  minutes on your face, for best results use everyday

  Remove Blemishes and Spots – Dry some peas under the sun and grind it into powder and  apply this base over face to get rid of spots and blemishes.

  Party Glow – Massage your face and hands with olive oil…

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