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The Will and its Infinite Potential


“Will ” is such an amazing concept about which i too wanted to pen, am glad my love did this before me , i guess we are connected so much even if we live far away from each other we still go on with the same stream of thoughts .

From My Consciousness

There are time when we have to wake up at 4 o clock in a cold winter morning to catch a flight or a train. The moment the alarm rings,  we wake up. We feel like sleeping a little more, we do not feel like getting up at all. Who will wake up at 4 o clock in a cold winter morning, get ready, and go to catch a flight? This is the first thought we have the moment we get up. But we do get up, get ready, travel to the airport and catch the flight. What makes us do this in such a situation? It is the WILL. The mind says that we must not go, but the “will” takes us through. The will is responsible for action.
Sometimes in life, we have to face worst situations, we have faced and we have survived. What takes us through?…

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