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Thoughts keep awake
Body becomes fake
It doesn’t get sleep
Happens to be creep
Sleeping with eyes
Dreaming of lies
Away from bed
Pillow in head
Lights too dim
Face is grim
Everything’s bright
For sleepless night

Written by
Shilpi C. Sinha

In The Wake of Medicinal Culture Sympathies Trance


Its been almost 5 days since the time i was bitten by some bug while shopping in the market for my cousins wedding. And till yesterday i was twisting and turning in unbearable pain, unable to sleep, walk, sit, and unfortunately not able to use the loo because it was positioned at such a fabulous location of my body,  just at the back of my left leg thigh and one can imagine how terrible it would be to go about the above functions quite normally.

I had a brief discussion about this bug bite, the pain and swelling it causes with, group of my friends and all had to share similar stories and one thing that was very common among all of us was the fact that, these bites happened in worst of places that leads to complete dysfunctional movements in body like the bums , thighs, eyes, or other part, the most favorite spot was “leg or the bum”.

I still wonder how the insect would have planned to hit it right at the bum to make it an unforgettable event for the person who bears these painful memories forever.  Am thankful to the bug to have chosen my back of thigh and not reach my bum !  i can imagine  it would have been more bad than this.

Though my struggle and suffering hasn’t ended till yesterday as i loved and believed that medicine’s do no good and its not necessary if you can bear the normal routine cold cough, fever, headache, pain etc unless its not life threatening . But this belief happened to crush and i had to give up on bearing the bad pain unable to move , so i resorted to taking medicine that was administered to me and yes i could sleep well and hit the loo and took all good time to sit and relax as far as i could as i was no more in pain.

It was the first dose and it felt good with no more pain, but the sting actually ruptured and what happened next was irritating with all pus and blood overflowing, and again a sleepless night , again during the morning pain came back and i was in so much dilemma whether to go for the second dose or not, but the luxury of doing away with the pain overpowered my beliefs and i took the medicine. This made me think a lot as why the homeopathic, Ayurveda  and home remedies not able to give instant relief .

   Allopathy  has taken the world by a storm , a headache pop a pill, stomach ache pop a pill, am tired of learning this now as i do not wish to take them , it pains me even more to swallow them in one go with water. I remember when i was a child i had to keep sugar, water and chocolate in my reach when i had to take medicines. At that time there wasn’t much an option where i could lay down my beliefs nor they were so strong as i see them now, but still i have to break down during some moments like this one.

It’s a truth, that the medicinal culture nowadays has sweep ed out almost everything we had before it came into existence, like forbearance, patience, endurance , will power, and spirit to live even if their is suffering and pain brought by disease and infirmity.  No longer a person desires to remain in pain or ache as they want to rid themselves of the suffering and get grooving again in the mad race of life.  its also the modern times where one cannot afford to lose something just because of cold, why to bear so much if there’s a cure.

It further aggravates the need and desire to get well as soon as possible and thus we go on taking medicines and quick treatments to get immediate cure. all these trends have diminished bonds, relations and warmth we used to have in earlier times where falling ill became a beautiful excuse to meet all the relatives and friends and all the encouragement , love and care one used to get has faded out with time,is taking away the sympathetic feeling out where no longer people come to see you, no longer they would send you wishes and flowers to get well soon as the person who is ill no longer wishes to lay in the bed as every time he/she would think they are missing a lot that happens around them. And its true , and many would agree that if they feel sick they would have to lose and miss a lot during the time they hold back in their home .

Its not bad to have revolution in the medicinal culture where diseases that were incurable few years back have treatment. But the diminishing bonds, relations, and warmth that was brought about by people visiting to see one who is ill was the driving force to give a lot of encouragement, love and care for the person who is sick and it created positive feelings where humanity thrived and bloomed.