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Creamy Fruit Salad


Ingredients :


Fruit you like to have or add like


Orange – each cut into small piece for ease of mixing and eating

Banana – cut

Apple – cut

Fresh Cream -2 tbsp

Dry Cake – cut into cubes

Method :

In a large bowl add all the cut fruits and add dry cake cubes if you like . mix this with light hands so that the cake doesn’t break much , actually i broke it and it spread but still tasted yummy. After that add fresh cream over it and enjoy the awesome creamy fruit salad.




Healthy Salad

Method : Boil Some beans , corn, carrot, and slice them into small bits, In Bowl now put these , also add sliced cucumber, and some sprouts: moong or chana . Mix all the ingredients and garnish with some cheese shreds , black pepper and a pinch of salt. Its great , light , simple and very healthy.