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The Prophecy : Hate Crimes


What Nostradamus Says Will happen Next ..man shall become a man-eater !

And that day is not too far, as we all see and witness the truth where the skies wont fall nor the earth will tear apart to end the mankind . But the mankind alone will be victim of their own vice and evil that would end their existence forever.

In the wake of so many unfolding events that have shaped the face of this earth that looks  more cruel and devilish, there is hardly any hopes left for other generations.

We have progressed remarkably in terms of technological growth and made our lives utmost pleasant be it homes or at workplace, with the spurt of information and technological advancement in every forte is believable in fact, but the truth remains unseen, that we have forgot to change our mindset which still hasn’t progressed much.

Still many sections of our society and many people at individual level have not embraced the newness as for them being progressive and following the revolution is still a distant concept, which they do not wish to live or realize.

This happens because on one hand there is a section of people who are in the mainstream, running, progressing and moving up the ladder of change and live an enriching life with global experiences, while on the other hand we have a section of people who are trapped in their own thoughts, contemplating their own ideas and crave to match those with the ones who are in the mainstream .

The people who are either forced to step back or who choose to live this way tend to find themselves a midst happening things which they are not able to comprehend or cope with, in such situations they feel stifled as soon they realize that how far behind they are left in the mad race, and as soon they come to terms with this reality they try hard to make things even for them.

Some people who are kind enough follow the nice route like working hard, or doing more struggles or starting things with a scratch to reach or match to, and for the others its a mad race to win and they find the ugliest route possible to match or reach up, to feel that they are no less than those they envy .

Now the behavioral actions that these people take up is beyond extreme and in some cases shall be termed as inhuman as they turn to harm those people with whom they envy or wish to even up and no other way can they see lest to end the competition than the race itself,  no more they shall have to worry about follow ups or running anymore and this is how they end things and win it over.

The world still does not wait or stop to see where things go bad or why do they actually happen the way it shouldn’t have been, but then we all think alike that unless it happens to us we are least bothered about escalating the issue and even if we think about it at the ground level by doing some basic research that it was all the work of a mad man’s unfulfilled desires, we learn to tolerate and become patient with it with time, because there is law, there is a system and there is humanity that we follow being Educated Reformists.

Do we ever think that, we need to look  into the human mind, the people on streets the people whom we left behind, so that they do not come in front of us, all of a sudden to question or answer it with a kill, we must reflect into their psychology before the world ends for us or they end the world for us.

The atrocious killings of humans during war,  hate crimes,  massacres ,mass shooting, rapes, physical or mental torture, brutality meted out to innocent people and all this is happening even right now during this moment while i write this blog . This world is on the brink of collapsing where there would be no space for the people to run or cherish anymore, for there is so much of evil taking rounds and people are day by day becoming more individualistic, practical, selfish , self centered and running .

Its time we should see what we do and turn the pages of other people’s lives because criminals or people who hate us are among ourselves and we must identify and help them to help avert such fateful events that have already happened in past and quite recently. its time we should acknowledge that technology alone  cannot help us to live in peace and survive rather the humans are capable enough to help survive and live in peace .

We can do without progress, revolution, technology and other things that make our life great in times today, but we cannot do without peace and ability to survive, we are constantly living in the age where our survival is under threat.



In The Wake of Medicinal Culture Sympathies Trance


Its been almost 5 days since the time i was bitten by some bug while shopping in the market for my cousins wedding. And till yesterday i was twisting and turning in unbearable pain, unable to sleep, walk, sit, and unfortunately not able to use the loo because it was positioned at such a fabulous location of my body,  just at the back of my left leg thigh and one can imagine how terrible it would be to go about the above functions quite normally.

I had a brief discussion about this bug bite, the pain and swelling it causes with, group of my friends and all had to share similar stories and one thing that was very common among all of us was the fact that, these bites happened in worst of places that leads to complete dysfunctional movements in body like the bums , thighs, eyes, or other part, the most favorite spot was “leg or the bum”.

I still wonder how the insect would have planned to hit it right at the bum to make it an unforgettable event for the person who bears these painful memories forever.  Am thankful to the bug to have chosen my back of thigh and not reach my bum !  i can imagine  it would have been more bad than this.

Though my struggle and suffering hasn’t ended till yesterday as i loved and believed that medicine’s do no good and its not necessary if you can bear the normal routine cold cough, fever, headache, pain etc unless its not life threatening . But this belief happened to crush and i had to give up on bearing the bad pain unable to move , so i resorted to taking medicine that was administered to me and yes i could sleep well and hit the loo and took all good time to sit and relax as far as i could as i was no more in pain.

It was the first dose and it felt good with no more pain, but the sting actually ruptured and what happened next was irritating with all pus and blood overflowing, and again a sleepless night , again during the morning pain came back and i was in so much dilemma whether to go for the second dose or not, but the luxury of doing away with the pain overpowered my beliefs and i took the medicine. This made me think a lot as why the homeopathic, Ayurveda  and home remedies not able to give instant relief .

   Allopathy  has taken the world by a storm , a headache pop a pill, stomach ache pop a pill, am tired of learning this now as i do not wish to take them , it pains me even more to swallow them in one go with water. I remember when i was a child i had to keep sugar, water and chocolate in my reach when i had to take medicines. At that time there wasn’t much an option where i could lay down my beliefs nor they were so strong as i see them now, but still i have to break down during some moments like this one.

It’s a truth, that the medicinal culture nowadays has sweep ed out almost everything we had before it came into existence, like forbearance, patience, endurance , will power, and spirit to live even if their is suffering and pain brought by disease and infirmity.  No longer a person desires to remain in pain or ache as they want to rid themselves of the suffering and get grooving again in the mad race of life.  its also the modern times where one cannot afford to lose something just because of cold, why to bear so much if there’s a cure.

It further aggravates the need and desire to get well as soon as possible and thus we go on taking medicines and quick treatments to get immediate cure. all these trends have diminished bonds, relations and warmth we used to have in earlier times where falling ill became a beautiful excuse to meet all the relatives and friends and all the encouragement , love and care one used to get has faded out with time,is taking away the sympathetic feeling out where no longer people come to see you, no longer they would send you wishes and flowers to get well soon as the person who is ill no longer wishes to lay in the bed as every time he/she would think they are missing a lot that happens around them. And its true , and many would agree that if they feel sick they would have to lose and miss a lot during the time they hold back in their home .

Its not bad to have revolution in the medicinal culture where diseases that were incurable few years back have treatment. But the diminishing bonds, relations, and warmth that was brought about by people visiting to see one who is ill was the driving force to give a lot of encouragement, love and care for the person who is sick and it created positive feelings where humanity thrived and bloomed.



Revolution Begins with Small Wonders !


My Classroom Kids

 A general sense of thoughts that accommodate certain feelings and ultimately embellishes my thoughts for an emotional upheaval that thrives inside out only to instigate a revolutionary cause .

The forte of my present situation dwells upon my past and has a great bearing on my present life.

I can casually revert back to my school days, as I remember for once raising my hand among so many students on being asked the question,

“who wants to be a teacher” ?

I knew, it wasn’t certain at that time and was just a passing thought that saw its way out in a fragment of time. And I was somewhat embarrassed too having raised my hand all alone when i looked to my right and left and back altogether. Gosh ! That passed.

But, when the time came to opt a course and career, god was so gracious to supply me with the best of choices to decide. Its a noble thing altogether that he who sits in heaven has given this wonderful gift of choice, and so i made it, to be a teacher and pursued my training for the same.

Sometimes i reflect upon the notion that now am to be in the league of the one’s who shape the future of our nation which will culminate in its classrooms. But i still couldn’t believe that what i am doing will create a mark or not and will it change my attitude towards this field or not .

Being part of today’s Generation i doubted about this as much as you would, in a world where there’s so much professionalism and corporate life exuberance that attracts and hugs it every time one has no other alternative but to think and contradict, and at the same time i thought that teaching profession, was sure infallible in words and praises, but hardly influences the generation today due to small incentives and lacks glamour quotient.

All this was past, when i became part of this profession and entered the threshold of the classrooms with “buzzing sounds, unconditioned smiles, silly giggles, dreamy eyes, sleepy lips, clutching hands, open fingers, and beautiful voice, where the eyes follow to approach and hold someone in nearby surroundings.

All this made my insolent perceptions fall irrelevant in view of my vicarious experience with these, thought before, but unimaginable moments of complete unselfish love coming straight from God’s heart. Id be a fool to let go of this moment and should cling on to it, as much, to get this love and give the same to those who will cherish it all time.

And believe me am glad i chose it and became part of this profession now Am the Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, and Kareena Kapoor of my kids , they love me and i have never found such unconditional love before, i love teaching and training them for life and being as much with them as i can, guiding them, partying with them, eating with them, playing with them, joking with them, and sharing their dreams and aspirations is just awesome feeling out of this world.

Every child i see is full of innocence fluttering with wings every now and then just to break free from those four apathetic walls which suffocate their freedom, though seeming meaningful for others but for them its as much a crime unforgivable and their world inconsolable .The schools are devoid of many facilities but its not deprived of teachers who can fulfill for almost everything that’s missing, moreover the utmost need of love, care and guidance by holding hands with the kids and make them happy before teaching.

As i reflect more i think there’s much more missing, something that can help these kids even more in life. And i think what could it be,the more i pondered over i thought that quality and fruitful education and activities can let them explore the opportunities to make it to higher classes or schools even on behalf of those kids who could not make it even this far for primary education.

A system of education that is lead by heart and soul by the teachers who nurture all round development of the kids and let them cherish life of self reliance and getting active for their rights and even for those who are around them.

This world is ever growing and demanding its needs every hour that our children should carry their innocence on the chest of conscience that equips them with the armory of sustainability of all kinds, for every situation and not become a prey due to absence of basic education.

All these thoughts accommodate for one cause, that, the teacher is the person who can make all the difference by giving a fragment of his/her life for these small wonder’s who are not left alone to fend for themselves but to achieve and realize their dreams.