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Home Remedies for Period Problems


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Its simply not done for girls and women to suffer in silence for the problems they go through during their monthly cycles. There are some very helpful and simple tips to undo the tension and ease the pain during that time of the month.

1. Raisins ( Kishnmish ) – Take some old raising about 3 grams and soak them in 200 milliliter of water for overnight. Boil this  in the morning till it is left only one fourth, sieve the water and drink it to ease out all kinds of period problems.ID-10046448

2. Black Sesame seeds – take 5 grams of black sesame seeds ( kaale til )  and mix it with jaggery or gur and take this 4 days before starting of periods and stop taking it once the period starts . this will help in easing pain and cramping feeling during periods and to get smooth period…

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