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We Cannot Please Everyone !


We Cannot Please Everyone !

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First Understand this :

” yeh duniya tumhare baap ki nahin hai aur naahi tum is duniya ke thekedaar ho ”

( this world is not owned by your dad nor you’re the master of this world)

then why worry so much…?

I have wasted almost 1/3rd of my life in pleasing other’s actually by doing what other’s perceive is acceptable and appreciable. And to this day even after realizing that i cannot make everyone happy and if others have to REMAIN unhappy i really cannot be their clown forever trying to make them smile, for am not even getting PAID for that. then why the hell should i even try.

One must know that you only got this life which is at your hand , yes this life the very moment now that you are ID-10020806breathing , this is your’s its you and everything around is about you

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Is it Important to “Fit In”


Accept the Real Self.

Often you must have felt a severe urge to fit among your peers, group , teams, or at many places where there are people concerned and you can least be yourself in those moments for having to being alike.

The real self is hard to fit in at such times where it is not required, and one may feel part of the whole, but at other times there are many people who may negotiate for certain periods where they let their self hang around here or there and be part to the whole with a whole lot of pretending and may turn out having ludicrous behavior, or best stay mute all the time .

I have thought this quite enough about, what one can do in such moments where we have no option other than to fit in because certain occasions demand presence and absence may just worsen or strain the whole chain of relations and even crossover to the ones you may never know. 

To fit in one has to do a lot of changes and preparations that are disliked and performed dishearteningly by a significant lot of people, one of them being me. It ruins my composure when am asked to present myself for some occasions i loathe lightening and brightening  for those, because we have to be presentable and people just cannot accept the real you.

All these products, clothes, accessories and makeup as i refer them as (denting and painting things), eat up the real self, which is pure, lively and vibrant, and no one can accept the real skin nowadays because it has happened so much now that only a child is visibly in his /her real self now.

But since its a trend now and cannot be ignored and we cannot do anything other than to be the part  of whole, we can practice being calm, staying composed and best observe things happening around during such events and be non happening as much as we can.