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Do Not Disconnect


Whatever you do
Do not disconnect
With yourself
And yours around

Look for signs, if any
Observe and connect
With heart and mind
Losen up yourself

Its important and urgent
To know you’re there
For one and everyone
Even if there are none

Life is to connect
To live consciously
Its ok if you are fine
Nothing less of happily

By Shilpi Chauhan


Living Silently


Living Silently

Ask no questions about life
it goes on is just the answer
No stones are unturned here
just walk silently unnoticed

there’s plenty of suffering around
Walk last! Don’t walk past
Unable and able to attend
where to start with ‘full’ heart

Leave it, no need to pretend
Just live as much u can
This moment is a blessing
everything happens on its own

All Troubles are outside
What is inside is your own
stop seeing and just being
Life is what is unknown

Shilpi Chauhan


Life is easy to live, if everyday there’s no fight for Attachment

It would have been much easier if we hadn’t had to please everyone and do things that let the bond stay longer and forever, because of getting the feeling and dose of attachments each second and every day it becomes hard to keep in line with everyone . we cannot manage people nor their emotions and thus we wish to handle it all and get this daily dose of attachments if not from one then we search for others . 

But Life could have become great if we did not crave for being attached 

Life is easy to…