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Connecticut Kids : We Are Hopelessly Helpless !


The following poem i have written to dedicate to all the kids who were the most vulnerable victims of crimes across the world.


mumma i love you a lot

only you loved me i thought

i opened my eyes to see you

and to see this world all new


mumma I am growing up everyday

learning new words from you to say

that you love me and i love you so much

by letting me feel warm with your touch


mumma now take me to the school

My friends think of me so cool

i love to dance and eat and play

o i can make this world with my clay


mumma a man with a gun came

he was stupid with bad frame

he shot something at all of us

and we had red color upon us


mumma you do the best for me

and dont you worry nor miss me

am with my miss who loves me

is just lying beside me


mumma i wish you were there with me

or just that the mad man was never free

and that he never had a gun

to play with it or have  fun


mumma take care of you and my friends

make changes and some more amends

for i will come again to live life

only in a world of peace with no strife


My heart goes out for every kid and their parents who lost their lovely, sweet and innocent kids in the Connecticut school massacre. Again it makes me feel really helpless to see the vulnerability of kids who cannot protect themselves. They are easy victims and most vulnerable, which is why very often they are chosen to be the softest targets for the adults who take out their frustration, anger and hatred upon them.

My heart feels so heavy, when i get to hear,  read and see about such crimes inflicted upon kids. I feel the pain and agony inside me and feel more and more helpless every time on hearing  such painful events. I see, the parents of these kids having all their life in pain and loss, having lost kids at such a tender age where they had to see so much, had to do so much in life. There is nothing left a vacuum , an empty space and an echoing heart that wishes to see those kids alive.

I have taken this topic earlier too in my post (  https://thoughtsummary.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/are-we-really-helpless/ ) where i have discussed about the vulnerability of a child who cannot shield himself /herself from the adult world, and becomes an easy victim where they can barely understand about the events that goes around them.

I feel proud for being a teacher and for the teachers of the Connecticut school who put their lives to save the kids . They were the real responsible teachers as adults and their sacrifice leaves a message that it is the responsibility of the adult world to protect and safeguard the kids of the society, by making more stringent laws that must be enforced to maintain law and order for peace. Had it been for laws that could let only responsible citizens to be custodians of firearms, such incidents may not have happened.

There should be stricter rules for keeping guns under license and allotted to only people who really need to protect themselves on proving their need to the police and showing evidence , and not because they have an interest or hobby for collecting arms and weaponry to add on their walls .  Its not that the government cannot enforce such rules and regulations , it can do everything if it cares for the kids in society and it should do it, it had been high time ever since Columbine high school massacre.

What has happened has happened, but what we can do to protect the ones who are living, is of great concern and the society must involve themselves to think over these issues and come out with concrete solutions that can be implemented through higher authorities and law enforcing bodies.



I pray and wish heaven forbid such killings never happen and may god give courage and hope to the families to bear the  irreparable loss . God is keeping record of everything and will take care that justice prevails and may the beautiful kids reincarnate again on this earth to lead a prosperous and peaceful lives , in the mean time let’s pledge to make this world more safe for the innocence to bloom and foster.