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Simple is Not Equal To Happy Anymore !


Little things don’t make me happy

Things not Grand make me so snappy

I care about nothing less than Me

It doesn’t even matter to me who’s he

Everything big, fat and visible

Ostensibly grand but not divisible

I wish to own a one or more

fit enough to engage and allure

Screaming desires haunt my ego

life’s a waste if lived incognito

Nothing less than Grand will do

Am I or I am Greedy says Who ?

Please see, only the pretentious assure

Simple is not equal to happy anymore

Entire being goes into accumulation

Transgressing the path of renunciation

Written by
Shilpi C. Sinha


An aggregation of people are pretentious, pompous and preposterous hypocritical turds.

The past keep’s coming back stabbing at your back in shape of the Ex and Y’s you escaped from. But some people never change even surrounded by all happiness and fame they can really never change .

An aggregation …