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The Prophecy II : Cannibalism


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Man will be a man eater :  Starvation Leads to Cannibalism 

https://thoughtsummary.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/the-prophecy-hate-crimes/ I take this further, and believe that everything been said is coming true in light of the recent news reports from North Korea, where the people are eating their own kids due to starvation.


While it’s certainly not the first allegation of cannibalism to come from North Korea, it’s equally as disturbing as those that preceded it.

Troubling reports of a rise in starvation — and cannibalism — have emerged inside of a nation that continues to be intensely-secretive and shut off from the wider global community. According to an independent outlet called Asia Press, North Koreans are so desperate that they are increasingly turning to corpses and even murdering their own children for food.

One man allegedly dug up his grandchild’s corpse and ate it. Another purportedly killed and boiled his child for food. Of late, yet another individual has reportedly been executed for killing two of his children for the same purposes.


This certainly would shock and make you go crazy for sometime, as we have often come across news reports saying that so many people died due to starvation and famines etc but never like people consume other people due to starvation . Well its happening around in some nations, where they eat up their own kids because of lack of food or no food at all, they took the extreme steps of hacking their own kids and then eating and selling them as mutton .

While thinking and writing about this i remembered another incidence where some time back a mail was being circulated around where in similar country,  people were being served baby flesh, the mothers who got their abortions done or sold their unwanted child to these restaurants where the babies were chopped, cooked and served to customers who eat the flesh for they liked human babies soft meat. There were pictures of these in the mail depicted and explained with labels.

Not having food is one thing and having food and still being a cannibal is another . Hopefully some people would agree to give up on their own life out of hunger rather hack the life of another living person to feed themselves . Its completely barbaric to do something like this, its complete disaster and doom of humanity where man is becoming a man eater day by day be it for hunger or be it for liking they are literally doing it.

The prophecies are becoming true with every passing day and so is the fear for life and helplessness for not being able to change the world growing every day .