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Hi Everyone,

Yes! We have launched our dream project.

A website where networking goes beyond just being social, it is more about connecting with emotions of people , reaching beyond the known.

My Social Site http://www.manymee.co where you can share your heartpours choosing from more than 70 + moments of your life, without the fear of being judged or any sort of inhibitions that stop you from pouring what your heart wishes to talk .

I will tell you no more why not let you explore …come join and be part of the real social connection where hearts connect to support, inspire and love.


“Like” : The New Age Feed


Feedback is a formal as well as informal, integral part of the communication process  and today its relevance is not limited to the corporate sector or organisations but has entered the social media as well, where we tend to get paranoid on not getting enough likes or comments over the face book to which many of us would agree and considered positive.

Feedback is becoming synonymous with likes and comments over the social media where a “Like” is ‘understood’, where our thoughts, shares or pictures are accepted and approved by our friends . The comment section often stays empty or less where we care to oblige with the comment section only if something is of great interest.

The likability of the Like Button is growing at a very fast pace , where comments etc are becoming limited to some Blogger posts, LinkedIn , HBR, Inc. or the various Discussion forums etc. where one actually goes through the matter and after absorbing it finds it relevant enough to provide a comment.

It happens, how often do we go through all the blog posts, or even the other articles we read on different websites, actually there is information explosion around the globe, where we have views from eminent personalities as well as the common man, and thus the accumulation of so much of information demands to be explored and that too in so little time. And So It is impossible to go through each and every word and then to comment, as we can embarrass ourselves if we haven’t gone through the matter completely and may offer a different viewpoint and can be misunderstood by the author.

So to save all the time and embarrassment, the Like button comes to rescue . With Like getting liked, the author comes to know that his post  has been read and therefore liked, and appreciated for his endeavor.  The like offers the advantage of mutual understanding and encouragement for each other .

At the same time its becoming conventional and easier means of providing a Feed in place of Feedback.

So Everything’s Understood here.