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Emotional Deprivation


After so much of planning, packing , travelling, searching and relocating , i have finally been able to connect with you all after such a long gap. Its been physically draining and exhausting journey that is yet to be completed.

My dearest Hubby has found this amazing new job that suits everything from his skills to bills, so that makes it more obvious that we have shifted from east to west of India, and all the household goods are still to come which makes everything appear to me as if we are living in a hostel sleeping on the floors with a thin mattress under a bed sheet and eating meals every day from outside. 

Wow ! But its fun that am off cooking for some days resting but still doing the chores like dusting and cleaning 🙂

In between all this hurry up , quick, no time, planning, writing, and travelling , i couldn’t find time to emotionally connect with my inner thoughts about leaving a place and leaving my mother and father in law back. It was all done up in 15 or 20 days time that hardly left any thoughts in me rather than a physically exhausted body that longed for rest.

Today i feel deprived of emotions that had to happen during a particular time and day but it couldn’t but yes i had tears in my eyes at the platform bidding adieu to my mother and father in law as they were the ones who will be most affected during our absence and same for me as i had one more mom with whom i shared my heart. I will miss her a lot .

And leaving kolkata, my favorite destination for the worlds best phuchka’s ( pani puri) around 20 to 25 in one go used to have them daily . oh they were so mwahhhhhhhh. will miss them too.

Its only now that am writing and remembering, what all i have left and will miss, my friend pooja and i missed meeting her son debu, he was sleeping i did not disturb and just met pooja and came back home . Ohh i should have hugged debu .

This will continue and will go on but life still moves on without pauses or full stops, having the time to acknowledge these things are more than enough but to get them right on time is a thing to be mastered and i need to practice it, to find time for emotions and letting them out even if am short of time.