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Something Out Of Nothing


This is the craft work i do in my free time, since my new accommodation is quite spacious and colorful still there are a lot of empty walls, floors and tables, without any antiques over them and since i cannot afford to splurge over decorative items from shops ,so i tried my own way of using hand made paper, plastic bottles, ice cream cup and paper plates to convert the house into a much softer home .

here’s some of them its just an attempt ..Image




I hope to create some more items like these, since my scissor had broken as soon ill buy a new one i will restart decorating my home as its my favorite work and gives me peace and enrichment towards using my free time wisely .

Status : Married



Hello Am back after a long break, Not a break actually loads of work and stuff and yes now am Married to my love after such a long time. It feels so great writing this post from our home. And still a lot of things are yet to be done, so just give me some more time, so that I come back with new alive life posts !