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Bacopa / Brahmi Remedies

Bacopa / Brahmi Remedies

Natural Health & Healing

Brahmi is widely known for its medicinal uses , it is used for curing many kinds of diseases since ages :

1. Increase Sperm count / Sperm related problems – take 15 leaves of Brahmi 3 times a day to get rid of sperm related disorders.

2. Eye Problems – Take 3 to 6 grams leaves of brahmi and fry them in pure ghee , then mix it with rock salt and take this solution 3 times a day to help cure eye related disorders.

3. Weakness of Eyes – take 3 to 6 grams of brahmi leaves powder (churan) with meals to cure all eye problems.

4. Increase Memory Power – Take 10 milliliter of dry brahmi juice , 1 almond, 3 grams black pepper, grind this with water and make small small balls of this about 3 grams each . Take 1 small 3 gram ball with…

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Happy Womens Day


A Dynamic Lady

I sleep with her every night

without any pillow fight

trying to sleep with her sound

and her bed is no less than a ground

we talk about each and every topic

and bless the lord for she’s not myopic

she has sweet life in this big house

with happy memories of her spouse

i see no gloom or vain in her

her family so big makes her merrier

prayers and devotion keep her intact

loves her food and life In fact

for me she is an inspiration

living richly without desperation

morning to evening am home or work

night is the time i sleep in her Kirk

for her home is too divine and pure

her breath is scented with words of cure

i have few days before i leave her

to go and look after my love’s mother

i will miss her thoughts and preaching

she is the master for life’s teachings

she is my grandmother and i call her ‘Amma’

she created our small world just like Brahma