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After all Its Not Necessary !

After all Its Not Necessary !

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Yesterday I asked this question to myself ID-100220506

Is this all really Necessary ? 

To get a job, to get enrolled for some course, to save money to buy house , to achieve something in life, to make more money, to have a baby as soon as possible , to have big dreams like buying a yacht and a penthouse and doing something in life that is remarkable and something that would make people around me say WOW , and then seeing their expression would make me happy, happy as in real happy i guess.

Its clear, Is this all really necessary , i mean we only do certain things to feel happy and proud only when others are there to see them around who would cheer us, greet us , congratulate us, and work for us or just please us. Isn’t this true !

Imagine there is only you on…

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Love Shayari


लबो की यह तमन्ना है ,

की लफ्जों में नहीं रुकना,

यह चाहत है लबो की अब

इन्हें युही नहीं थमना

की यह हकीक़त है सुनने में

लगेगा  तुमको अफसाना

मोहब्बत में यूँ ठहरे है

लगे हर तरफ, विराना

यूँ चाहत में उनकी खोये

की हर महफ़िल से हुए रवाना ‘

लगे हर बेरंग सी मेहफिल में

सजने लगे कोई तराना

हमे महसूस करना है

यह मन, क्यूँ बहकता है

की हर साज़ में यह दिल

जाने क्यूँ महकता है

यह मोहब्बत है इबादत है

या कोई और अफ़साना

बिना सोचे या  समझे ही

नहीं बनता कोई तराना