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Truth Is Natural

Truth Is Natural

Natural Health & Healing

Do you remember when we were 6 or 10 years old or in our teenage, our mom’s applied Ubtan ( home made pack) made form Besan (gram flour) or aata ( wheat) on our face and hands so that the color of hairs on our face and hands would lighten and after washing, our skin looked fresh, glowing and we felt awesome.ID-100229536

Well now its just a story form the past .

Because today there is such a mad rush to get beautiful and fair skin that we ignore the basic knowledge of what to use and what not to use on our delicate skin.

Girls as old as 5 years today use face wash, beauty soaps and fairness creams and they keep doing it all throughout their lives, and in the process their skin becomes so hardened that it can tolerate more chemicals, bleaching agents and more harsher acids…

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