• What is office café? Office Café is a private discussion forum for people who would like to Share, discuss, seek and receive advice on issues related to their office. Members are free to answer related queries posted in the group by other members. For E.g. “I am having a hard time with my manager. I do all the work and he takes away credit by displaying the work done labelled as his to his manager. What should I do?” “My colleagues have complained against me. What should I do?” • How is office café helpful to you? One gets free advice from people across the globe and get solutions based on the experiences of others. Office café provides a let out as well as a helpful forum that encourages people to reach for better work satisfaction by improving their work culture and resolving issues related to office politics. “NOTHING IS CACHE WHEN THERE’S OFFICE CAFÉ” What you can post in Office Cafe? You can post .. a) Your day to day office issues. b) Seek Advice on office matters. c) Both Job Seeker and a Prospective Employer may post their requirements. d) Entrepreneurs can promote their business page by sharing page url. e) Employees can share their knowledge and experience. f) Experts can share their experience through their posts and blogs. g) You are welcome to share articles from HBR, McKinsey quarterly and from other similar sources. h) You can share hacks related to office, management and business. i) And Of course, you can add more members to this group. Thanks

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