Spree ..A Poem


There in a trance i see some magic,

With finger’s on keys departing with tragic

Patiently waiting for someone to listen

I swell with pride on finding a simpleton

O i thought how can, any, be subject to mass hearing

Where the gloom is budding and heart absconding

But there the shadow of wisdom delays

For the communion of words that dismays

Not to one or be judge to my miseries

But to rise this phoenix form ashes

And there you were too far too reach

But still near my soul wherein I could seek

The words that flowed in and out

Of happiness and less flout

You for you were there in my catastrophe

And shall witness me through hope

For you are the reason enough with good

For the way I being, to be I should

To GARNER all that you say to me

To embellish my life with your spree

By Aditri Shilpi

About ShilpiRajput

ThoughtSummary Thoughts About Life Skills : Entrepreneurship, Work Culture,Spiritualism, Relationships,DIY Remedies for health, happiness and Beauty. https://thoughtsummary.wordpress.com/

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