The Serendipity part 3


#ShortStories #TheSerendipity [(C)2017] Part 3/6 “What is your name son” ? asked malavika. “Ali” said the boy in a muzzled voice. “Don’t feel bad son, for what we say, we say it as one of your own, as your elders. And it is meant for your good only and nothing else” said malavika consoling ali, whose face was filled with sadness. “Do you study, in chennai”? Continued malavika, trying to lift up the dull moment. “No i live in pune, excuse me aunty i am feeling tired so..” ali replied to end the conversation and straightened himself and turned the other way to sleep. “See, that’s what i don’t like about these kids, he is no different, what attitude ufff!” exclaimed rati. “It’s ok rati let him sleep, poor child must be very tired” said malavika. “Ticket, madam?” asked the ticket checker “Ya, ya, just a moment, here it is” said rati while handing over her ticket to the TC. “Ok! Said the TC giving back her ticket. “Ticket please” said TC while trying to wake up Ali, who had covered the sheet up to his head. “O what! ya uncle here” said ali as he sat reclining on his backpack, and showed his ticket. “Very good son, you gave the lower berth seat to your maa” said the TC with pride and appreciation for ali. “I am not his maa” rati corrected TC’s statement. “Oh I see! But he’s no less than a son madam! looking at what he did for you. In my career of 18 years i have seen young boys and girls fighting with the elderly and in some cases their very own parents, as if mad like maniacs. They don’t compromise even, for an inch. Believe me you’re lucky!” said the TC loudly as he walked past their cabin into others checking tickets. Rati felt something move inside, she was looking at malavika who was witnessing everything that happened. She knew that malavika was there, when ali without a question went on the upper berth, he knew the lower berth, was his but still he did not raise a word for it. Rati was seriously feeling uncomfortable, for everything that happened, she did not wanted to be burdened by ali’s act of kindness for her. Rati started “So what they are young they must do such things, otherwise who else will, does he expect me to climb up in this age, silly boy!” “Rati …” said malavika who expected rati to change her tone for ali, but felt hopeless and gazed at rati’s window. “What are those medicines for, sugar, bp”? asked malavika seeing rati open a big box of medicines. “Yes, for this,that, i am tired of all these now!” rati replied heaving a big sigh. “Why? It is very common for our age, but what are those for”? Malavika said as she pointed to rati’s medicine’s that had few bigger tablets. “Oh these, doctor gave it for something, umm i don’t remember exactly”. Said rati as she brushed aside the box behind her back. “Hmm” sighed malavika as she turned away from rati and looked straight out of the window for a long time. There was silence of the hearts that didn’t break with the sound of wheels. Rati was waiting for malavika to speak but not from where they left the conversation. She felt uneasy and fidgeted with things around her and when suddenly she chose to break the silence. To be Continued… Written By Aditri C. Sinha

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