The Serendipity part 2


#ShortStories #TheSerendipity [(C)2017] Part 2/6

Rati could finally close her eyes. “Acha chalta hoon Duaaon mein yaad rakhna Mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna Dil ke sandookon mein Mere ache kaam rakhna Chitthi taaron mein bhi Mera tu salaam rakhna Andhera tera maine le liya Mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya Channa mereya mereya Channa mereya……” Someone’s phone rang in full sound and high pitch with this song as its ringtone. “O god, not a moment of peace” shouted rati as she moved her body from side to side unable to find peace. “Sorry Aunty” said the boy peeking out from the upper berth. “Why do you have to keep everything loud, don’t you have sense or any regard for other people, stupid boy! all you know and do is to burn your parents money on these smartphones” rati lost her patience and snapped at him in full force. “I am sorry aunty, i will put it on silent mode now” said the boy slipping back. “You better do that right now, all you people know is how to have fun, and make life hell for your parents” rati said, as her fatigued body and sleep deprived soul got lost in vexation. “Going to mumbai” asked the lady sitting on the lower berth of the adjacent cabin that faced rati. “No, I will get down in pune” replied rati. “O pune is good, less crowded and less polluted unlike mumbai” said the woman. “So you’re from mumbai, that’s a lovely city, your good name please? rati asked. “Malavika, and he is my husband Subodh and you’re”? Said malvika pointing towards her husband and coming back to rati. “Namastay, I am Rati, here have some” rati greeted malavika’s husband on being introduced, and offered a pack of biscuits she had just opened. “Thank you rati, so your relatives live in chennai” malavika asked while munching on the biscuits offered by rati. “No no relatives, i had some personal work there” rati replied in a hesitating tone. “O ok, subodh pass me that bag please, i am feeling hungry after having biscuits hahaha” said malavika while keeping a huge bag on her side that subodh gave her, she carefully digs her hand into it and took out a big casserole. Subodh went back to his berth and laid down spreading his body on every inch of it. “Here have some kachori’s my daughter in law cooked them for us, she got up at 4 in the morning to prepare all this” malavika said showing the whole bag that contained food items. She continues… “We don’t eat outside food, health issues you see, here have some” malavika offered food to everyone seated around her. “Here son, you also have” malavika raised the casserole up, asked the boy who sat leaning above rati’s berth. “Wow! thank you so much aunty i was actually feeling hungry” the boy took 3 kachoris out of the casserole and hid them in his hands. “Seriously kids these days have no etiquettes, in our time we used to say No’ 2 – 3 times before taking something from someone but nowadays they are so frank” said rati condemning the boy’s behaviour. “It’s ok rati, we have to change with time and there’s nothing bad in being frank, i believe it helps you to live a stress free life” said malavika as she put her hand on rati’s shoulder. “What is your name son” ? asked malavika.

To be Continued ….. Written by Aditri C. Sinha

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