DIY Home Facials


Natural Health & Healing

A. Honey Orange face Scrub 

Take 3/4 cup plain oats , 3 tbsp plain yogurt,  2 tbsp honey , Juice of 1 orange , Mix it all together in a bowl .  Stir well to make it  thick.  Wash your face and apply the scrub//mask  rubbing  it around to get exfoliation.  Leave on for 15-30 minutes , then  rinse with warm water.
B. Cucumber and Mint face mask 

Image courtesy of marin / Image courtesy of marin /

Take ¼ cup cucumber, shredded with skin, ¼ cup minced fresh mint leaves, ½ cup aloe vera, 4 drops lavender essential oil, Place all ingredients into blender or food processor and blend until you reach a smooth consistency, remove cucumber mint puree and place in a small bowl, cover and refrigerate it for 20 minutes . Apply mask to clean, damp skin and leave on for at least 15-20 minutes Rinse thoroughly with cool water and apply moisturizer afterwards.
C. Baking Soda Mask 

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