Cinnamon Home Remedies


Natural Health & Healing

Cinnamon as known as Dalchini is a famous Indian Spice that is used in cooking as well as as incorporated in various medicinal home remedies for various diseases.

Image courtesy of TeddyBear[Picnic] / Image courtesy of TeddyBear[Picnic] / 1. Gas Troubles –  Use 5 – 6 drops of Cinnamon Oil mixed in 3 grams of sugar during morning, afternoon, evening and night before sleeping till 7 days to get rid of all gas troubles of stomach.

2. Toothache –  Apply Cotton swab dipped in Cinnamon oil on the affected tooth to get relief in toothache.

3. Cold – Mix few drops of cinnamon oil in crushed sugar to get immediate relief in cold.

4. Stomach Problems – Massage over stomach and around belly and abdomen with Cinnamon oil to get relief in pain.

5. Indigestion – In a bowl mix Cinnamon, Cardamon and Saunth (dried Ginger powder) Half grams each and sieve it to…

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