The Stupid HaHaHa


I don’t understand why they do

but the way they do is terrible too

i move a word and simple it goes

haha response is their signature pose

is it for me or just everyone

that haha song they make me learn

am i too reserved or am i not stern

am i uneducated or that i don’t earn

all this and that, my friends don’t do

relatives of course, i wish could undo

their burlesque behavior and mockery,

could have learnt to react more properly

be it profane or just for some fun

murder once done can never be undone.


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  1. That’s kind of a cynical ending.. If this is about you, I would say, you have a lot to say and anyone making fun of you isn’t looking at the content. Their loss.

    • (And of course, the poem itself is really well written. It’s not easy to write about an actual topic of life and still make it work this well.)

      • thank you so much again dear. and yes i find it best to write my emotions in the form of a poem more than a prose .
        thank you for supporting me and appreciating me as well.
        tk cre Rgds

    • thank you so much clem, and yes its about me . Though i have nothing against these people but yes sometimes it pains me a lot and then am bound to think the time it will cease to happen for me anymore.

  2. the HaHa is not a reflection of us. I’d say HA! and turn around and ask the question, what made you say HaHa. See what they say. There is a saying in our religion “let the one without sins cast the first stone”

    • Yes very true and i believe people actually see their own reflection in others, if they are saints they see saints and if they were thief they’d see thief’s in everyone and always be suspicions in life.
      Moreover ive heard this beautiful saying “let the one without sins cast the first stone” that too in Hindi,as a child i had seen most of the episodes of a serial about ‘Yeshu’ Lord Jesus where this very story was depicted where a women was caught of adultery and she was sentenced to punishment of being pelted by stones to death that too by all those hypocrites, but Lord Jesus saved the women by saying the above lines and even forgave her sins and showed her the righteous path for life and not to commit any more sins. Its so significant and true even today where people have preconceptions and stereotypes about others and knowingly they hurt others even when they are not clean themselves.
      Its sad but true.
      tk cre dear

      • Thank you for responding, Am. There is much wisdom in your response especially the first two sentences. I really enjoying learning from you. Namaste.

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