Mother : How You Manage Your’s and Self


It doesn’t matter where satisfaction, pleasure and spirituality comes from, by doing anything that gives you inner peace and a reflection into the thoughts that make you do good and create good for self or the others is the best thing in the world.

Be it anything from cleaning the floor , digging hands into cow dung, writing a blog, listening songs, dancing , cooking, babbling with a baby or just  looking at the coconut trees.

Whatever can be done in free time that creates peace is something worth considering , not everyone will or can observe that when you do anything like the above or other than that you actually have the courage and ability to be on the right track, not interfering or troubling the others in order to keep you good , you yourself have the innate capacity to manage yourself and your peace.

Isn’t it a blessing and the greatest courage for all the housewife’s who do it and have the greatest capacity to look after them and their loved ones not bothering them even if they feel empty a lot of times , its just them and their world that they can create with their child , kitchen, home and everything that’s there in it.

Salute to the courage our mother’s have who have been running their household and office as well. It couldn’t have been without their strength and support that our fathers work peacefully and we get the greatest food everyday.

And am just new to all these experiences but i have the ability to recognize and reflect upon this greatest truths that i have unraveled that how my mother could manage so much and not only home but managing Herself as well that’s really a tough thing to do when you live all alone all day.


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  1. Another has no comparison, she is divine in nature to her child, she carries all the responsibilities so casually and naturally that no one even recognises who is actually making things possible, so to say anything about a mother is like showing a lamp to the sun dear, Sorry for my feelings dear

    How are you dear sister, blessing for you and your family from bhaiya

    thank you dear

    • naah bhaiya i completly agree with you..maa ke baare mein you say anything is less and we must never compare or judge a mother’s love and her sacrifice, actually we are not fit enough to do are apt in saying so. i agree with you.
      am doing great living and resting for now. aage dekhte hai zindagi hi chalti rahegi yuhi..

      • thanks dear bahut acha laga
        sada khush raho yeh maa se prarthana hai
        aur bhaiya ka ashish tumhare sar pe hamesha ke liye hai

    • No dear , i pasted this picture from the Google search in the images category typed mother and there came a lot of pictures and i liked this one as it showed an Indian mother hugging her baby to her heart and soul.
      I agree there’s no pure love as the love of a mother and we must never forget her or the love she gave us all this time. no matter how old we are for her we are just as little as we were born.

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