Status : Married



Hello Am back after a long break, Not a break actually loads of work and stuff and yes now am Married to my love after such a long time. It feels so great writing this post from our home. And still a lot of things are yet to be done, so just give me some more time, so that I come back with new alive life posts !

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  1. Wow Shilpi! You and your husband look divine 🙂 I wish you a lifetime of happiness and blesssings ~ Lakshmi x

  2. bahut sudar jodi hai behana
    mera aashirwad sada aap dono ke saath hai
    aur hamare jijaji ko hamara pranam

    bhagwan aap dono ko khub khub sukhe rakhe
    yehi ek bhai ke aashish
    sada khush rehana meri behana
    bhaiyya ki mata se yehi prarthana hai

    beahna aur jijaji ko bahot bahot pyar

    • thank you so much 🙂 am happy to receive ur divine blessings , I know main jahan hun jaise hun aapka ashirwad sada bana rahega..aur is nayi shuruat ke liye mujhe iski bhot zarurat bhi hai..
      bhot khushi hui aapka message pad kar. thank you so much bhaiya..
      tk cre

  3. Saural ko jyotirmay karna
    mata pita ka naam dipayman karna
    aur sada sada sukhi rahena

    yehi bhaiyya ki prarthana

      • thank you dear small sister
        i love you even more
        always be happy my dear
        my blessing are always with you both

  4. Heartiest Congratulations dear Shilpi! I am so happy to see you in bridal attire. You two make a Lovely Couple. Wishing you both eternal happiness! Lots of Luv…

  5. Congratulations with your loving commitment : ) I wish you all the best and much Love and Peace
    Embrace, cherish your special love. What a beautiful picture!

    Sweet greetings, Summer

    • Namaste Summer Kaise ho ?
      Congratulations and thank you so much summer, so nice of you to think and come up with the beautiful peace award.
      I shall post my award asap sharing my peace, joy and happiness with others.
      thank you again.
      Tk cre

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