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    • I put the word “Right” to justify that its easier to exercise your right to get married but still this right that seems very easy maybe in some parts of the world is very difficult, as here in India even after having gained the marriageable age there are restrictions and sometimes complete taboo on inter caste marriages and love marriages where things like honor killings happen. And since i call it a right for those who are able to exercise it in wake of such restrictions too.
      Coming back to the quote i feel the couples who are able to defy all norms and get married by exercising their rights may or may not still be able to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities that comes along after getting married since its easier to get married once but a lot harder to sustain it for years and years making it work and function well.

      • Oh, I see what you mean. Thank you for taking the time in explaining the situation. And the quote is quite right and well put.

      • I should rather thank you for you really take the level up and take interest in the words and truth that hides behind their formation.
        thank you so much.

  1. so true dear…and loved to read your so much detailed posts in this blog…love the way you have put everything together in such a beautiful manner..thanks for sharing 🙂

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