Everyone waits to exercise their will, only when they are out of home can they do it most willingly.

Still am not able to speak out loud that am in a relationship or even have my photo on the wall with my love..Am so caged, am so much controlled. Am bound to show my love marriage into an arranged marriage for this society and its thoughts put me through so many constraints. am helpless, and feel like the victim of these customs. i want to free myself once i get married i shall have my own entity and be liberated along my love.

Everyone waits …

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  1. Hi Shilpi! our society is full of hypocrite people. I really think not to bind yourself in any custom. There is nothing wrong to love someone just listen to ur inner voice and free urself…..Which place you belong In India. l I wish you and the person you love Happy and Blessed life. tk cr

    • Dee I am based in delhi. And am brought up in almost very conservative culture, so many a times there is a lot of confusion and conflict that happens when i am within my family but with really hi fi relatives friends and people i meet at work or in life. But I ve resolved to live with this since childhood knowing that one day i shall live on my own and in my own way.
      thank you for your words and love . am so happy to hear from you every time. Luv u

  2. Hi Shilpi thanks for reply! Gud to know you from Delhi….i have so many wonderful childhood memories from there. I can understand how it feels to live life in conservative environment. You are a strong girl who has visions for better tomorrow this is very great dear. I wish you all the success and blissful life ahead. God Bless you with the life you long. May all your wishes get fulfilled in life.

    • So many thanks for your wishes dee , am happy to know that you belong to delhi. And am just waiting for my life to begin in true sense that will be completely accepted and approved of once, am out on my own with my love after marriage and begin fresh pages of life where i can explore and enrich my life with millions of untouched experiences. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Love and take care

  3. Hi dear! I am not from Delhi…I belong to Himachal Pradesh….I spent all my winter vacations there at my relatives home. My mom brought up in Delhi. Stay in touch. Tk cr.

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