De Glam Life



Life is great for some people who are born with disarming looks along a life of riches which makes things easier for them to achieve. And for those born into average looks and lead an average life things dont come easy to them , if it does its attributed to either destiny or luck, but if they dont appear even after hard work and struggles it all comes down to even below average where another sorts of problems collect around them.

I suppose that there are a plenty of people on this planet who lead a very plain life and often at some point of time would have desired if things could be reversed like the way they were born, or if they had paid attention to their looks earlier or if their parents were keen enough to care for them even more like the parents of the other kids do for them. we all must have felt this way certainly because we are born unhappy since the day we are born we begin life by crying and end it up crying for things we could never have or be born with. 

The major portions of life for women alt east runs around their looks , how attractive they are or how others think about them, the way they should dress but cannot, the makeup they can put on but cannot afford to have, and even to wear and be like those divas on the ramp but they cannot because they have got other better things to do that are safe and acceptable rather than walking the ramp. 

These thoughts that beauty gets all are not mine they are coming from generations that a person gets everything in life if they are attractive and have an eye catching personality .And since generations these thoughts  have hardened so much that they cannot be broken down maybe stereotypical of me to think but i cannot refrain ignoring it when i have vicarious experiences to share that yes beauty outnumbers brain.

Talking of my school days, i recollect how the most beautiful girls of  my class quoted ” After school i will marry the man of my dreams and live life like a queen ” at that time too i never had this mindset, i was steady that yes i have to study do my college and do a job and i shall be married off to a humble man and have to do the chores and work along to make ends meet, and no other thoughts seduced me or contradicted to those i had ever since school. 

But now as iv seen so much in life i wonder that is it necessary to carry out similar thoughts its no where written that god and society favors the beauty history is full of characters and heroes who aren’t beautiful yet remembered for their works and not for their looks. And In times today with all bot ox and jabs beauty is just a few lacks away deal to get. But am not inclined to do so nor i think many of the people who an afford or who cannot are bold enough to live life as they are born not what they should have with. 

Which is why we have so much of beauty promoting ads, lighter skin tone, tanned skin, fairer skin, wrinkled,  age less, spotless, needless to say that its eating out the natural way we used to live and for the ones who wish to live the natural way it makes life hard for them, a simple challenge here,  can one go without even using a moisturizer to work or lip gloss or kohl, no i guess not, and what about not getting your eyebrows or upper lips done, i guess you cannot live like this or i should say look like this. But if i had the chance,i would never take so much of  pain to groom myself for the way society wants me to be , when i can live with those. 

But again we are all part of the society and not following its norms as a girl would mean so much of chaos for myself and those concerned with me. Kind of names they would give you, or even term you as psychologically imbalanced person, wow so much for simplicity , but then who dares because i want to live in this society only i dont want to deviate or break free, the only thing i want and desire and many like me that they can at least have freedom, when dealing with their outer appearance and their own body for that matter. 

It will take a long time for people to accept a de glam life because a life full of glam and shimmer is what attracts to a lot and we often envy those people in hold of it, well its quite natural to have those feelings if you are born human and not a fish, and we slowly separate ourselves with such people be it in sh cool , college or work as if those people are beyond our reach , but then only if you talk to them , you may find some turn out to be just like their looks and some completely opposite are shallow.

But then we cannot judge everyone based on their looks and its even not fair to say that all average looking people are kind enough , everyone has an innate individuality and personality that reflects be it behind the makeup or after a face wash. Its needed that we get in touch with the real glam heart of people and its also needed that the society weighs conscious over glee and glam. 

A de glamorous life is not that easy to live, but  its full of good things to look into and get inspired with. 



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  1. Hi Shilpi! Very nice post….thought provoking. All I can say that yes we do feel this way in our life at some point but one should not strive for beautiful looks. One should be beautiful from heart….and dear in life it’s not always that people who are beautiful help or support in life…but people who are pure from heart …..moreover beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. It doesn’t matter what society thinks of you or expects from you. If you are beautiful inside it reflects in your looks your personality. Every society has different norms ….or every society define beauty in a different way. So there is no universal rule ….one should think positively and view oneself beautiful. Regarding your thinking that we all born unhappy…that’s not true. Our true self is happy being and peaceful being. If you believe in Hindu dharma you should be aware of rebirths. It’s due to our bad karamas we come to this earth again and again and we disconnect with our true self in process of rebirths…and our negative karamas responsible for unhappiness, conflicts and so on. To gain true happiness we should have to transform our self by purifying inner conscience….to be one with supreme soul God. We can attain real happiness, peace and liberation and we can free ourself from the shackles of rebirths. But that path is very difficult….only few people actually choose that path.

  2. Thank you so much rachna ji, for reading and taking time to reply, everything you said is very insightful and i agree with most of it, i share the same thought base and believer of karma being a Hindu but am still to find the truth about life and that too for a reason which is : how even the unborn child or the child who knows nothing of karma is subjected to pain and brutal end, the child is never aware nor known to what he / she did in their past but still they go through so much without having done anything bad, again ok, if we believe that they did something then how can they know about their punishment , they are beyond naivety and Am still not able to understand this part though i firmly believe in karma and dharma both and practice .
    Thank you

  3. Hi again Shilpi! Dear the question you raise about unborn child or even child who born on this earth has to go through pain….and even the person who are very nice, loyal, sincere to all in this life has to endure so much in life…and the person who is bad in every aspect of life lead a gud and happy life. Yes this kind of injustice even I cannot understand. This where my mind get stuck every time when I think of philosophy of karama. But I guess we can get these answers from only enlightened person. We can only think positive and create good thoughts which I think will surely give us positive outcomes in life. Rest all is mystery which is yet not known to us. Take care….have grt day.

    • Dear Rachna Di , i believe there are so many things in life that cannot be explained, its not that we cannot find answers but to find them, we need to find a guru an enlightened one and if we cant then we can practice ourselves through meditation going into our deeper selves . But in this life of running and work we can hardly sit back for searching it all. hence we need to wait. Loved your thoughts . Take care Regards

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