Beyond Objects and People


materialistic life


No person or object can define your life, its up to you if you make them your life or your life is your own.

It is not about people and objects in life that can make you happy , its always about the things beyond these two, that helps you build your goals. A human being can never find inner peace and happiness in objects and people, it never comes or goes along with us. the more we learn to depend and depend to learn from these the more vicious it becomes, and hard to break free. 

the objectives of ones life should be conscious chosen and accepted and made part of everyday living , its not a thing of a day or a two. it needs to be practiced and believed to be followed religiously. The mistake happens when our life goes around a person and comes back on searching for some other person on whom we can depend and accommodates our existence. similarly happens with the objects that goes apart and another becomes a part.

To break this one needs to look beyond people and objects as the measure for their existence , to make self realizing goal, that originate within and functions only with your self in completeness of your soul and body alone. the more we seek some important and concrete goals as these we will find that the journey in pursuit of such goals will be highly self realizing and a conscious effort from your own to be happy and consistent with your own life. a self fulfilling and self enlightening path for your life is best when its not dependent on anyone or anything.


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